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The west part

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Q: Where in West Newbury does John Cena live?
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Where does John Cena live at?

John Cena's hometown is West Newbery, Massechusets.

Where does john Felix Anthony cena live?

West newbury,massachusetts

Are the parents of John Cena alive?

yes they live in west newbury

Where does John Cena live?

John Cena lives in Tampa, Florida but he was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Does john cena live in denver?

No he lives where they announce "West Newbury, Massachusetts"

Where does John Doe live?

John Cena lives in Tampa, Florida but he was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Where does john cenas brother live?

First, John Cena Does not have one brother. He has 4 Brothers. They All Live in West Newbury, Masschusetts.

Where does John Cena the wrestler live?

His Wife

Where in Tampa Florida does John Cena live?

I read it on wrestling site West Newbury, Massachusetts he doesnt live in WN anymore that's all i know. but his family does, i know them his mom works at the general store. he comes to the high school sometimes though to visit Ok, Yes John Cena lives in Tampa Fl. In fact he lives across the lake from me and works out at the same gym I work out in. That's all you need to know b/c you could be some sort of stalker.... January 2009 According to Cena himself he lives in Tampa, Florida and has for a while

Where does john cena live in tampa?

He doesn't live in Tampa that is big show cena lives in west newbery,massechuttes he does live in Tampa fl . he lives in land o lakes fl

Where thas John cena live?

john cena lives in Tampa Florida

Does john cena and Alicia live together?

If you mean Alicia Cena then no.