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Where in the Bible can you read about Saul?


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December 07, 2011 3:24PM

There are four references to men named Saul in the Old Testament, from Genesis 36:37-Isaiah 10:29. The name Saul means "desired" or "asked for." 1) The most famous: a descendant from the tribe of Benjamin, son of Kish, and the 1st king of Israel. David was the choice of GOD for the first king of Israel but the people rejected GOD to be like the other nations, 1 Samuel 8:4-22. The entire account of Saul is recorded in 1 Samuel 9-1 Samuel 31:12. 2) An early king of Edom and a successor of Samlah. 3) A son of Simeon, a Patriarch of Israel. 4) a Levite, son of Uzziah, 1 Chronicles 6:24.

In the New Testament, this was the Hebrew name of the Great Apostle Paul which means "small" or "little" which coincided with his humble personality. Paul was his Gentile name and he became the Greatest Missionary and revealed the True Nature of the Meaning of the New Covenant which is CHRIST and the Finished Work of the Cross. The account of Paul is found in Acts 9-28 and his 14 Epistles: Romans-Hebrews.