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Matthew 1: 1-28

1 Kings 1

Jeremiah 1

Exodus 1

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Q: Where in the Bible does Jesus talk about a yoke?
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Where in the bible are we told that Jesus owened a Honda but did not talk about it?

where in the bible are we told that Jesus owned a Honda but did not talk about it

Where in the bible does it talk of Jesus religion?

Nowhere is it mentioned in the bible of Jesus and his religion. Jesus came for relation with man instead.

How many times does the word yoke appear in the Bible?

The word 'yoke' appears 63 times in the KJV Bible.

Who was the only person in the bible that Jesus didn't talk to?

Micheal Jackson

Where does the Bible talk about the three kings?

During the story of Jesus's birth.

What are the chapters in the Bible that talk about how Jesus healed the people?

See the link below. There is a list of miracles by Jesus.

What was Jesus's relationship with his dad like?

Well, the Bible doesn't talk much about Joseph and Jesus' relationship. But the Bible does say Jesus was a joy to his parents because, of course, he never sinned.

Where in the bible did God talk to Jesus?

his baptism, the graden or eden, the tempel, and the tomb

Where in the bible does it talk about jesus speaking to the woman at the well?

John 4 contains the story of Jesus and the woman at the well.

What do people do to worship Jesus?

There are many ways to worship Jesus. Some people pray, sing, or talk to Jesus. Some read the bible.

Where in the bible does it say Jesus had eyes of blue?

It doesn't, actually. The Bible doesn't talk about the physical attributes of Jesus, so we don't know for sure what color His eyes were.

Where in the bible does it talk about Jesus' resurrection and appearing to Mary Magdalene?

Mark 16:9