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Where in the Bible is the reading about the dogwood tree?



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According to a fictitious legend, Jesus Christ was impaled on a dogwood tree. Because of his compassion for the dogwood and so that it would no longer be used as an instrument of impalement, Jesus decreed that it should become a smaller tree and that its petals should bear the marks of the nailprints in his hands. This, says tradition, resulted in the rust-colored touches around the notches in the bracts. So prominent has this legend become that it is the only thing many people think of when they see the dogwood today. But, it should be noted that this is only fictitious tradition. The Bible says nothing of the sort. The Bible does not identify the type of tree used in his execution. Maybe because the type of tree is of little or no importance. What is important is what his sacrificial death means. His death is a ransom paid for our sinful condition brought on by the willful sin of our first human father, Adam. A search of several diverse translations and paraphrases of the Bible reveal no references to dogwood.