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Q: Where in the US was Moonshine first made?
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Who made the moonshine first and when?

God did

How do you do the moonlight DRINK on runescape?

First, its called Moonshine for the Halloween event for 2010. First you take the materials from the table. First, you take the evil leaves and use it on the moonshine vital. You then use the blood on the strained moonshine vital. Use a bottle of fear on the moonshine vital. Then finally use the ground bones to make the finished moonshine.

What does make some moonshine mean?

Moonshine is a name used for illegally produced, home made alcohol.

Do you known what whitel lighting?

It is the same as moonshine. Illegal corn liquor, home made.

What is moonshine made from?

Moonshine is usually made by fermenting sugars from grain starch. However, moonshine by its definition means it was most likely distilled illegally, meaning that there can be contaminations such as antifreeze, lead and artificially added methanol.

Is moonshine legal in Washington state?

Moonshine is illegal in every state. You can buy a product they say is moonshine in liquor stores, but it's not anywhere near the alcohol percentage of real moonshine.

Why is moonshine popular?

Moonshine is illegally made alcohol. During part of the 20s alcohol was illegal because of prohibition, but people still wanted to drink. Therefore they drank moonshine.

What was moonshine?

Moonshine has been made in the Appalachia for quite some time. It was made most abundantly during prohibition In the 1920's but mountaineers made it as early as the mid 1800's

What does the word moon shine have to do with the moon?

Made by the light of the silvery moonIllegal to produce, Moonshine got it's name because it was made at night. Working under the light of the moon it picked up the name "Moonshine"

What is the percentage of moonshine?

well i watched a program once on t.v that was about moonshine. its called moonshine because people who made it made it at night under the moon shine, funny that ain't it. any way, don jolly was on it, you know him, hes the guy with the big phone and goes " HELLOOOOOOO". he sniffed it and he was dizzy. the hillbilly that made it told him that the percentage varies from 89% to 96%. there you go.

What was the beer made popular during prohibition?

The kind that gets you drunk.

What was the name of grannys moonshine on Beverly hillbillies?