Moonshine is a high proof spirit typically made from corn mash. It is usually homemade, and tends to be more popular in times of prohibition.

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What was the name of grannys moonshine on Beverly hillbillies?



Is it illegal to make moonshine in a US state?

Yes, because it's a violation of federal law. Even if state law permits it, it's still a federal crime.

Note that licensed distillers can produce a product identical in every way to the illegal home-distilled product except that it was produced by a licensed distillery (and that taxes were properly paid on it), and even call it "Moonshine" if they like, and that's perfectly legal. But distillation of alcohol by anyone but a licensed distiller is illegal, and licenses are essentially never given for home/hobby distillation.


How much is moonshine a gallon?

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What is the penalty for making moonshine in Mississippi?

Federal offense: 6 years in jail or 1 year in jail with 4 years probation


What proof is apple pie moonshine?

Well, it isn't very high actually. Most recipes call for about 1 gallon of cider, 1 gallon of juice and a liter of 'shine, also lots of sugar and cinnamon. starting out moonshine is 150-190 proof usually. Just going off the dilution of alcohol to the cider/juice mix, Id say it wouldn't be anymore than 20-25 proof (about 10-12.5% ABV). So really, it's like drinking a wine cooler.


Can an individual make moonshine for personal use in west virginia?

No, it is illegal to distill Moonshine (unless you hold a federal license to do so) anywhere in the United States. Read more, below.


Is it illegal to produce homemade moonshine?

In the US (and most other countries), yes. Distillation must be performed by a licensed distillery, and licenses are never given for home distillation for beverage purposes (it may be possible in some cases to get a license for fuel alcohol production).

The US allows the production of wine and the brewing of beer at home, but not distillation.


Why do people make moonshine?

People make moonshine for either a. their own personal consumption, or b. to sell. Moonshine is generally a neutral grain spirit with a very high proof, which if consumed produces the effects of drunkenness.

Now, why do they do it?

Alcohol is regulated and heavily taxed in the United States. Take for example, Virginia. First there is the price of the spirit. Then on top of the price for the spirit there is the alcohol tax incurred. Then, on top of the alcohol tax, sales tax is incurred on both the price of the spirit AND the alcohol tax. Which is why some people go to other states to buy their booze, or they make their own.

It is simply because moonshine is extremely cheap and easy to make. One can sell moonshine cheaper than regulated alcohols and still retain a decent profit.


Is it legal to buy moonshine in KY?

True moonshine is illeagal every where but you should be able to buy 100 proof (50% alcohol)


Why is making moonshine illegal and making beer isn't?

You could look at this with respect to health risks, making high alcohol liquor is far more likely to result in death due to lack of knowledge, often people make mistakes and end up drinking 100% alcohol, causing blindness, death, brain damage. Home brewing beer, this is not a risk as the alcohol created is natural. It's the distilling process that's illegal. However, you could also argue tax related reasons.


Why is moonshine illegal to make?

Because it is. The term "moonshine" means "illegally distilled liquor", so basically you're asking "why is something that's illegal illegal?"

If you're asking why there's a law regulating distilling, it has to do with safety (a little) and taxes (a lot).


Where can you get sweet feed to make moonshine whiskey?

its what you feed horses, goats and chicken. so you can find it at any feed shop, tractor supply comany or anywhere where they sell stuff to do with livestock. Its cheap ranging from 8- 15 for 50lbs


Giving away homemade moonshine illegal?

In most countries, simply making "moonshine" (distilled spirits produced without a license from the government) is in itself illegal. I honestly don't know if giving it away is a separate crime or not; I do know that you're allowed to produce and give away fermented but not distilled alcoholic beverages (i.e. beer and wine), but not to sell them.


How do you make a crock pot moonshine still?

I will just get things started for you. First you need your supplys. start with finding some copper tubing lead free IMPORTANT. then you need lead free soldering wire for sealing purposes and a tourch that can melt this it melts easy. More later (soon).

A crock pot is not sealed good enought. You will lose most of your product out the pot top rim.

A crock pot won't get hot enough, either.

The above answer is a Crock... Pun intended!

A crock pot will get hot enough. Average temps for low setting is 160 to 170 degrees. On hi it will get up to 220. To seal the crock pot a simple sealant made of flour and water will do. The best way is to find a lid with a steam hole in it. Use that for your temp probe. Next unscrew the knob on top, get a couple rubber washers and another screw and nut (stainless steel), replace the knob. Next you will want to put into the pot a cup. Surround the cup with your mash. Turn the pot to low put on the lid upside down with SS screw to the inside (make sure the screw is above the cup). Seal the lid with flour and water mixture (mixed to a paste consistency) and watch your temp ( TO AID IN CONDENSATION PLACE ICE OR ANYTHING FROZEN ON LID AS YOU DISTILL). As your temp rises different degrees of alcohol will start to evaporate. empty your cup as it fills till the steam temp reaches 170-172. Its at this temp that you want to keep the distillate. Maintain the 170-172 temperature till you no longer get anything. If you start to go above 172 this is called the tails, you will scrap that along with the heads (pre 170-172). Do this till you have gone through all your mas. You can repeat this process with your good distillate to further concentrate the alcohol.


Can you make moonshine in Texas for chemistry?



How do you make moonshine?

Moonshine starts with a mixture (mash), which can be made of any fermentable substance. The most common is a mixture yeast ,sugar, and water. Sugars for the mash can be derived from a variety of sources, such as corn, grapes and other fruits, potatoes, malt sugars, corn sugars, or any other fermentable sugar or fruit.

An alcohol-tolerant yeast strain is then added to the mash, which is then fermented, ideally between 70-85 degrees. Fermentation times vary depending on the yeast strain, ranging from one week to a month. Using a bubbler airlock will give you an indication of when fermentation has ceased or has slowed down to less than one bubble in 5 minutes.

There are two ways you can distill the mash. The first one is to take the entire mash, solids and liquids, and introduce it to the boiling pot. The second is to first decant the liquid from the solids, and introduce that to the pot. Not decanting may add flavors to the distillate that would be different if not decanted.

The physical process of removing alcohol from the mash is simple. Raise the temperature of the mash from between 173 and 190 degrees. The boiling point of alcohol is much less than water, which boils at 212 degrees, so the alcohol vaporizes first.

The pot is connected to a column or just a condenser, which can be a copper coil, or worm, or a cold-water-jacketed tube.

A column still progressively "refluxes" the distillate at different temperature levels in the column, resulting in a purer shine exiting the top while the heavier alcohols and other stuff drips back into the pot.

A pot still with just a copper "worm" will produce a less pure and less potent, but more distinctive shine.

In old days, triple distillation through a pot still would achieve purer alcohol, indicated by XXX on the bottle.

Today, alcohol will sometimes go through a pot still first, making a "wine", then redistilled through a reflux-column still, although with modern reflux-column stills this process is not necessary because a reflux-column still can produced virtually pure alcohol on the first pass.

The alcohol vapors pass through the condenser, which acts the same way as a cold bottle does when it condenses water on the outside. The condensate, alcohol in this instance, drips out the bottom and into a collection bottle.

The shine can be consumed immediately, cut with water to make a less-potent version, filtered through activated carbon, introduced with oak chips for flavor or color, burned in your flex-fuel car, or anything else you can think of.


What was moonshine?

Illegal whiskey made at home.


How strong is moonshine?

Traditional Moonshine is usually cut to 80-100 proof, (40% - 50% ABV), however, if it is triple-distilled in a pot still it can reach 160 proof on the third run, (80% ABV), but this is much too hot to drink. Most legal moonshine as produced in VA and WVa is 90-100 proof, (45-50% ABV), to make it more palatable. Triple pot-distilled spirits are usually diluted with limestone spring water and ages a few weeks to soften it.


What proof is moonshine?

The proof of moonshine can vary according to the still. It is frequently made and shipped from the still as a concentrate at 190 proof. Then it is diluted at the point of sale.


Where did the name moonshine originate?

Since most of the work was done under the cover of darkness, the bootleggers would say they were going out at night to bottle some moonlight.


Is it illegal is make moonshine for personal use?

Think about it...


How do you make moonshine from sweet feed?

put 4"-5" of sweet feed into a 5 gallon bucket and add 5lbs white sugar. pour the bucket haf full of boiling water and stir until the sugar is desolved. let stand 90 minutes. fill the bucket the rest of the way with cool water to bring your temp down to around 87 degrees, and throw in your yeast. mix well.

drill a small hole in a 5 gallon bucket lid. place lid on top of bucket and them insert a piece of vinyl tubing into the hole,and stick the free end into a glass of water. put in a warm place ( around 70 to 77 degrees in optimal) and let it ferment until you no longer see bubbles (escaping carbon dioxide from the yeast) rising in the glass of water. run your mash thru your still. remeber to throw away the first 50ml of shine as it usually contains the stuff you DONT want (fusel oils,methanol,ect). one bucket generally makes between 2 and 3 quarts of top notch 140-150 proof liquor.


Is it illegal to produce moonshine in Washington state?

It is illegal to produce distilled spirits without a license ("moonshine") in all US states, because it is a violation of Federal law.


How do you build a moonshine still?

You don't build it i got mine from the generations of moonshinning. and its illegal because the government doesn't get its cut in the money. But beware don't use and other meatel besides copper or you could possibelly kill the person consuming it form the rust that could form on the wire or anyothor part of the steel

As long as you don't get caught nothing illegal

It's actually not that hard as long as you know what you are doing or otherwise it gets expensive and frustrating fast. You can buy a still or still plans off eBay no troble but it isn't as fun as making your own. If you want to make your own email me at Don't be surprised if you don't get an answer right away because my email is slow.


When did moonshine become illegal?

became illegal because people started turning gay for it.


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