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The oracle is in the building on the hill on Time Tangled Island.

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Q: Where in the is the oracle on Time tangled Island?
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How do you get on the ledge by the oracle in time tangled island?

your mamma

Where to find the oracle on time tangled island?

inside a temple

Where is the oracle on the in in time tangled?

the oracle is in the second door .

What if you have the golden vase and the oracle won't take it on time tangled island?

you do not give the vase to the oracle you give it to the guards right where you come in

On time tangled in poptropica where is the oracle?

the oracle is in the second door .

Where does golden vase belong?

The golden vase in Time Tangled Island belongs to the Oracle on Greece. I do not know what time period it is, however.

Where is the oracle on the hill in time tangled island?

go up the hill and she will be inside a building on top of the hill. Once your in keep going right and you will see a woman which is the oracle

How do you give the woman her vase on time tangled island?

You return the golden vase to the Treasury guards, not to the oracle. (see related question)

What do you do if you need help in Time Tangled Island?

Time Tangled IslandIf you've already visited 328 B. C. in Ancient Greece and donated to the golden vase to the Oracle of Delphi, you could always return there and get hints from the Oracle to fix other eras that you've not solved yet.

Where do you get the bonus sunglasses on time tangled island?

Before the release of Spy Island, the special "spy sunglasses" were on top of the Oracle building. They are no longer there, because you can copy them from the agents on Spy Island.

Do you need the oracle on Time Tangled Island?

No. She will only give you hints about one of the items, and the hardest to get (the golden vase) is her price for more information.

How do you open the temple door on Time Tangled Island?

The door to the Oracle is already open. None of the other doors at 328 BC will open.

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