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A topic sentence is always the first sentence of a paragraph. This holds true for transition paragraphs as well as standard paragraphs.

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its the first sentence

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Q: Where in the paragraph does the topic sentence usually come?
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What is introduction paragraph?

The introductory sentence is usually the open sentence of the paragraph. This sentence is what captures the reader's interest and leads him into the topic of the paragraph. The introductory sentence is usually followed by the topic sentence.

The topic sentence of a supporting paragraph always comes at the top True or false?

False - it can come anywhere, if there's a good reason

How do you write a topic sentence about a specific topic?

The topic sentence or thesis sentence is just the sentence which states your main idea. Usually, your teacher will assign a topic, and you just have to come up with a paragraph or essay about that. Write the topic on your paper. Now, make a list of everything you know about that topic - look things up in your textbook or using a search engine if you need to! You must decide which of these things is most interesting to you - your paper will be much easier if you write about something that you find interesting. That statement will be the topic of your writing; make it into a complete sentence with correct grammar and punctuation. You might try writing a question about the topic that you want to learn about or to explain - change the question into a statement and you have your topic sentence. ** see the related questions below **

What does the first sentence in a paragraph do?

Typically, the first sentence of a paragraph is called the topic sentence. It is like a "mini thesis" about the paragraph that will follow and should provide some idea of what the paragraph will be about. It should also provide some transition from the previous paragraph. For instance, if you are writing an essay about the three best characteristics of a teacher, and these characteristics include compassion, knowledge and organization, your topic sentence for the paragraph in which you will talk about knowledge (which will come after the paragraph on compassion) could be something like, "Besides compassion for his or her students, a good teacher should have ample knowledge of his or her field."

Give me an example of deductive order paragraph?

A deductive paragraph is one in which the topic sentence is the first sentence. Here are two examples: Some people say there are aliens, but I don't believe it. Aliens are supposed to come from outter space. They are said to visit earth and may have even started life here. In my mind, that is just too far-out to believe. Spending time online is fun, but many do not learn much from it. While there are many choices for what you can do online, some prefer games, while others prefer research. Those who spend their time playing games are not really learning much, but simply passing their time. On the other hand, those who do research can learn a lot.

Methods of developing paragraph?

what is definition in paragraph development

How are paragraphs are organize?

Organizing paragraphs is easy...everytime your gonna talk about a different topic you write another paraghrph...paragraphs are divided as you change topics. If your talking about and next your gonna talk about clothes u write about it in another paragraph.

How do you come up with a thesis?

find the main topic and write a sentence about it that supports your details

Sample of elimination paragraph?

Elimination is a form of definition paragraph, except you tell everything that the topic is NOT.Write your topic sentence. Write down everything you can think of that might be the topic, but which are not.Make each line of your list into a complete sentence, and you have your paragraph!Example: WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. It is not a place to find quick answers like a search engine will give you. It is not a place that will do your homework for you. It is not a place that will show you pictures or images. It is not a dictionary or encyclopedia. It is not a chat room or a social network site. It is not a place to write insulting comments. WikiAnswers is for people who are having trouble finding answers on other websites to come and find answers to their questions.

How do you write a topic sentence?

Your topic sentence is just your main idea. To write a strong topic sentence, you have to know what your point is going to be!Write a list of all the different facts or sentences you can think of about your assignment, and choose the one that you find most interesting. Writing is always easiest when you write about something you like.This will be your topic sentence. Check to be sure that you have used the correct grammar and punctuation. It should end up being a statement such as "WikiAnswers is an information website," or "Answering a question on WikiAnswers is simple."A topic sentence makes a statement about a subject and the rest of the paragraph explains or gives examples of the topic sentence. A strong topic sentence should say something, make a point.Now, if you mentally change your topic statement into a question, you can come up with a good "answer" from which you can create supporting sentences.If your topic sentence is, "South Korea is a country in north east Asia", then readers would expect the rest of the paragraph to say some thing about South Korea. Maybe more about it's location, it's neighbours. So you could end up with a paragraph like this:South Korea is a country in northeast Asia. It is located on the southern portion of the Korean peninsular. South Korea's neighbours are China to the west, Japan to the east and North Korea to the north. On the west side of the peninsular is the Yellow sea and on the east side is the Sea of Japan. The East China Sea and the Korean Strait are at the tip of the Korean peninsula.

What are the 3 steps to finding the main idea?

The main idea of a passage is the central point or main argument that the author is trying to convey. To find the main idea of a passage, you can try the following strategies: Look for the topic sentence: The topic sentence is usually the first or last sentence of a paragraph and it summarizes the main idea of the paragraph. Identify the supporting details: The main idea of a passage is often supported by specific details, examples, or evidence. Look for these supporting details and try to identify how they relate to the main idea. Look for key words or phrases: Pay attention to key words or phrases that repeat throughout the passage. These may be clues to the main idea. Consider the purpose of the passage: Think about why the author wrote the passage and what they were trying to accomplish. This can help to give you a sense of the main idea. Summarize the passage in your own words: Try to rewrite the passage in your own words and see if you can capture the main idea. By using these strategies, you should be able to identify the main idea of a passage.

When does the author's response usually come in a syntheses and response essay?

In the third paragraph, after the evidence