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The potential energy in rollercoaster is a potential energy associated Earth's gravitational field. It's lowest at the lowest parts of rack.

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Where does a roller coaster have the least kinetic energy?

At the top of the hill. There it has the most potential energy.

Where on a roller coaster do you have the least kinetic energy?

You have the least kinetic at the top of the rollercoaster, where your change in slope=0

Can you show me some pictures of potential energy changing into kinetic energy?

I cannot show you a picture, but one example of potential energy changing to kinetic is a roller coaster. When you are going up the track, you are building potential energy and as you go down, it is kinetic energy. I am sure you could find a picture of that somewhere. Hope that helped at least a little!

If a roller coaster has 100 joules of energy at the top of the first hill how much energy will it have at the bottom?

100. The amount of energy a roller coaster has is maintained throughout the whole journey. Its the conservation of energy - energy can' t be created or destroyed it can only be transferred. It therefore depends what type of energy you mean in the question. It can have a total of 100 joules meaning yes, anywhere on the roller coaster it will remain as 100 joules however if your saying 100 joules of gravitational potential energy at the top by the bottom of the hill it will have decreased and have been converted into at least 80 joules of kinetic energy leaving 20 joules as gravitational potential energy. Sorry for the poor grammar; just focus on the science. I have an exam on this in two weeks...

How tall do you need to be to go on the Expedition Everest roller coaster?

You need to be at least 44 inches tall to ride the Expedition Everest roller coaster.

What is the difference between a hyper-coaster and a giga-coaster?

A hyper-coaster is a large roller coaster that has a lift hill height of at least 200 feet. A giga-coaster is larger, with a lift hill of at least 300 feet.

What kind of energy does a rolling bowling ball have?

Well, right before you are about to push it or while it is sitting at the top of a hill, the ball has potential energy. This means the ball has to potential to move or roll. This can be seen as a roller coaster at the tallest point of the ride. Then, when it is rolling, the ball has kinetic energy. At least until the forces of gravity and friction are able to stop its kinetic energy.

What education is needed to be a roller coaster designer?

You need an engineering degree at the very least.

How do I rename guests in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2?

you cannot change their names,at least i couldnt.........

What is the least scary roller coaster in Canada's Wonderland?

I would say the 'Ghoster Coaster'. It was once Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion, and is a great ride for younger children.

What is the least popular roller coaster?

The little gator one for 2 year olds that goes around in a circle.

What is the highest roller coaster in the world?

The highest roller coaster in the world is kingda ka. It is 456ft and can go 128 mp in just 3.5 seconds. This roller coaster is located in new jersey at sixs flags great adventure.Kingda Ka is the tallest rollercoaster, approx. 456 feet tall.sources:common knowledge(for me at least)(BTW I'm only 11)

What features do most roller coasters have?

All roller coasters have at least one hill and one drop. Most roller coasters also have turns as well. Inversions (going upside down) is typical on steel coasters and rare on wooden ones. Their is always some way to start a roller coaster, a chain or hydraulic launch systems are some. Brakes are on every roller coaster as well.

What is the world's most intense roller coaster?

I'm still not sure what it is, but it would have to have at least a 200'drop and 6-7 inversions.

How tall do you have to be to go on Kraken the roller coaster in SeaWorld?

To ride Kraken you have to be at least 4 ft 6 in (54 in or 137 cm).

How tall do you have to be to ride the dueling dragons roller coaster at Orlando?

This is now called Dragon Challenge and you have to be at least 54 inches tall to ride.

At what point in your pregnancy can you not ride a roller coaster what if you are only a month pregnant?

don't ride a roller coaster if you are pregnant. Doesn't matter how far along!! Probably nothing would happen and you would be quite safe at least until 3 months, but if anything did happen you would blame yourself.

How many injuries had happen this year so far in all amusement parks?

i remember when i first fell off a roller coaster At least 200,000.

Where are the oldest wooden roller coasters?

I know about one wooden roller coaster that's been around since I was born, it's in Kema Texas, at the Kema boardwalk, and last but not least, it's called the boardwalk bullet.

How tall does a girl has to be to ride a roller coaster in Disney World?

There are five roller coasters at Disney World. The ones with the highest height restrictions are Rock 'n Roller coaster and the Primeval Whirl, which both require that riders be at least 48 inches tall. The requirement for Expedition Everest and Space Mountain is 44 inches, and for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, it's 40 inches.

How is potential and kenetic energy different?

Potential energy is the energy in which you have when you are standing or sitting still. Though doesn't have to be completely still, to be at least still and trying not to move, a majority of your energy is Potential. Kinetic energy is the energy of any and all living things. So, if you are moving, you have a majority of Kinetic energy. If you are being still, then you have Potential energy.

The potential energy of a pendulum is least?

When it's at the bottom && it's 0

Compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy at least 3 examples?

A rock resting on top of a cliff is an example of potential energy while a water fall is an example of kinetic energy.

How long should you wait before going on a roller coaster after eating?

I would wait about 2-3 hours at least it will give your stomach time to settle then you can make that decision.

What location that the skateboard have the most kinetic energy and the least potential energy?

At the bottom of the hill, the skateboard's potential mechanical energy has all been converted to kinetic energy if it was allowed to roll. Its chemical potential energy remains the same. That energy can be released--converted to kinetic or heat energy by setting the board on fire.