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Where is ATP formed?

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  • In the cytoplasm (substrate phosphorylation through glycolysis)
  • In the mitochondrial matrix (substrate phosphorylation through citric acid cycle)
  • In the inner mitochondrial membrane (oxidative phosphorylation through electron transport chain)
  • In the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts (photophosphorylation through electron transport chain.
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ATP is formed when?

C6H12O6+ o2 --> ATP + CO2

How many ATP molecules are formed in respiration?

36 ATP are formed during aerobic respiration.

How many ATP molecules are formed by fermentation?


How many ATP are formed from chemiosmosis?

Four (4) ATP

What is formed in the cyclic pathway?

Only ATP is formed.

How many ATP are formed during alcoholic fermentation?


How is one molecule of ATP formed from one molecule of ADP?

One molecule of ADP can be easily formed to make one form of ATP. All you need to do is add one phosphate group to the ADP and ATP is formed.ADP + P + energy --> ATPADP + P + energy --> ATP

What is the role of ATP in aerobic respiration?

ATP is formed in aerobic respiration. 36/38 ATP's formed from the whole process.

Is ATP formed in the Golgi bodies?

I belive it is formed by mitochondria

How many ATP molecules can be formed from 1 gram of glucose?

38 ATP

How many ATP molecules are formed during cellular perspiration?

36 ATP

How is ATP formed from ADP?

ATP formed is from ADP during cellular respiration. This will be made possible when ADP binds a high energy phosphate group to itself and thereby forming ATP.

Which energy carriers are formed by light-dependent reactions?

ATP and NADPH are the energy carriers formed by the end of the light reactions.

Describe how ATP is formed?

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is formed from Glucose. The cells get their energy to make ATP by breaking apart the glucose molecules gained from the food we eat/plants make from photosynthesis

What happens to the ADP formed from the ATP?

ADP IS ATP, with the one phosphate group added.

What is ATP in organisms?

energy formed by repiration

When ATP is formed is energy released?


How many ATP molecules are produced per molecule of glucose during glycolysis?

In glycolysis two net molecules of ATP are formed. Four ATP are formed but two are required in the initial activation of glucose.

How many ATP are formed after complete oxidation of glucose?

In aerobic respiration, for every 1 glucose molecule, 31 ATP (adenosine triphosphate) are formed.

How many molecules of water are formed when a single ATP molecule is formed?


Number of ATP produces in photosynthesis?

Technically, ATP is produced only in the light reaction, their are 18 ATP molecules formed in it. In the dark reaction, ADP is formed by the breaking of the second and third phosphate group in ATP. Though overall in photosynthesis ATP isn't produced, it is formed in the light reaction, then broken in the dark, then recycled into the light, no over all gain or loss.

How many ATP are formed in cellular respiration for each glucose molecule burned?

32 ATP

How much ATP is formed in aerobic respiration?

36 ATP produced during aerobic respiration

How is ATP formed during oxidative phosphorylation?


How many ATP are formed during photosynthesis?