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Where is Articono in Pokemon FireRed?

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Articuno is in the Seaform Islands

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Pokemon firered how to get articono moving the boulders?

just push the bolders down the apropreat holes level by level and the will stop the water flow simple

How do you get articono on Pokemon emerald virsion?

you cant

Where is articono in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Seafoam Islands

How do you catch Articono?

That depends, which Pokemon game are you talking about?

Were do you find articono on Pokemon explorers of darkness?

Mount Avalanch floor 20

Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.

How do you get legendary island in Pokemon Red rescue?

Recruit Zapdos, Moltres, or Articono it will come with them

Can you copy Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

can you copy Pokemon on firered

How do you get to the Pokemon convention in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Pokemon convention in firered.

How do you catch Pokemon FireRed on PC?

To get Pokemon firered on PC download a vba and Pokemon firered ROM

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes there are shiny Pokemon in firered

Where to get articono in Pokemon SoulSilver?

articuno is in the seafoam caves but i think you need 8 badges for it to actually be there.

How do you catch HM 8 on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get it in Pokemon FireRed. It doesn't matter because it is not necessary in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you get the ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not possible to get a ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed. You can only get eight badges in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you get articono in Pokemon HeartGold?

You need to beat all 16 gym leaders then go to the whirlpool islands

Where is Manaphy in Pokemon FireRed?

Manaphy is not on Pokemon FireRed, because it a Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region.

Mew Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Mew is not in firered only emerald.

How do you get bellsprout in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Trade one from leafgreen to firered.

Where do you find serebii in Pokemon FireRed?

Celebi cannot be found in Pokemon FireRed. The only way to get Celebi in Pokemon FireRed is receiving it from an event distribution. These events are sadly no longer supported for Pokemon FireRed.

How do you trade Pokemon from pearl to Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to firered. you can only trade from firered to pearl because firered doesnt have the data. in other words no sinnoh Pokemon are in the firered pokedex and is completely unknown.No but you can trade fire red Pokemon to pearl

Where is Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed, whatever that is.

How do you get snasle in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to get sneasol by trading in leaf green. You can not get that Pokemon in firered.

Do Pokemon FireRed have chimchar on pokemopn Pokemon FireRed leafgreen?

no it does not. the games for the ds will have it

How do you get to johoto in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't go to Johto in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon firered to Pokemon Pearl?

You can insert FireRed and then go to Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond\Pearl then get your Pokemon from there.