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BARTICA is a mining town in Guyana. It is at the point where the Essequibo, Cuyuni and Mazaruni Rivers converge. It is about an hour in a river taxi from the town or Parika, a main town approaching the mouth of the Essequibo River, and about 18 miles from the capital of Guyana, Georgetown.
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Where is Guyana?

Guyana is a country on the northern coast of South America. Priorto 26 May 1966 it was a British colony called British Guiana.Guyana is located in South America; between Venezuela and Brazil.Guyana is located on the South American Continent and is the onlyEnglish speaking country on the continent an ( Full Answer )

What are landforms in Guyana?

Guyana has mountain ranges: the Pakaraima, Kanuku and Acarai. Thefive main rivers are the Essequibo, Berbice, Corentyne, Cuyun andDemerara.

What is the capital of Guyana?

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown , estimated population239,227 (2002 Guyana census), is the capital and largest city ofGuyana, located in the Demerara-Mahaica region. It is situated onthe Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and itwas nicknamed 'Garden City of the Caribbean.' ( Full Answer )

What do Guyana do for entertainment?

Fish-frys and barbecues are also popular. Karaoke is another event which takes place at various night clubs, bars and restaurants and tends to attact a mature crowd. In addition, the Sunday night hangout at the seawall draws a large crowd. Then you have the dancehall scene at various clubs with popu ( Full Answer )

What continent is Guyana on?

Guyana is located on the continent of South America. Guyana is located on the continent of South America

What are facts about Guyana?

Guyana is the only English-speaking country on the continent of South America, and is one of the countries where they don't speak Spanish. Its population is 736,000. Guyana is one of the homes for the largest pit-viper snakes -- the bushmaster. Guyana was a British colony until 1966 and is now ( Full Answer )

Who found Guyana?

The first people to settle in what would later become Guyana were the Amerindian tribes, such as the Arawaks, Wai-Wai, Macushi, Caribans and others.. The first Europeans to note the coast of Guyana where Alonzo de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci in 1499.. Sailors under Sir Walter Raleigh explored the a ( Full Answer )

Which continent is Guyana in?

Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America.Originally colonized by the Netherlands, Guyana is now a republicand is a founding member of the Union of South American Nations.

How do you say Welcome in Guyana?

As the official language of Guyana is English, you would just say "Welcome". However, there are some regional differences. Informally, Guyanese people speak a dialect called Guyanese Creole, similar to the patois of the Caribbean islands, so you may be greeted with an informal "Wh'appen?" - meanin ( Full Answer )

What is the square mileage of Guyana?

The land area of Guyana is approximately 83,000 square miles, or about 215,000 square kilometres.. For comparison, it is just slightly smaller than the US state of Idaho, and is slightly bigger than Great Britain (ie. England, Scotland and Wales, but not including Northern Ireland).

What is the ethnicity of Guyana?

The majority of Guyanese people are east Indian. East Indian 50%,black 36%, Amerindian 7%, white, Chinese, and mixed 7%.

What is 'Guyana' famous for?

Guyana is actually famous for the gold and rice. Guyana is one of the most important exporting country of gold.

Does Guyana have carnivals?

Yes, it does have Carnivals.. they are called "Mashramani".. believed to have been first celebrated in the mining town of Linden...

Where is Guyana located?

Guyana is located in South America; between Venuzuala and Brazil. Guyana is located on the South American Continent and is the only English speaking country on the continent and is bordered by Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil. The country of Guyana lies between Venezuela and Suriname and north of ( Full Answer )

What state is Guyana in?

its in South America, in the caribbean, just above Brazil The leader is Barrack Jagdeo

Who is the leader of Guyana?

The leader of Guyana is the President of Guyana , who is the head of state, and of his political party. The president appoints the prime minister who is head of government. He is of East Indian decent and is known as Bharrat Jagdeo .

What is currency of Guyana?

The currency of Guyana is the Guyanese dollar. It has been in usein the country since January 29, 1839. It comes in banknotes equalto $20, $100, $500, $1000, $5000 and in coins of $1, $5 and $10values.

Is Guyana an island?

You must be very stupid,No Guyana is located in between Venezuela,Brazil and Suriname in South America

What is Guyana pledge?

I pledge myself to honor always the Flag of Guyana and to be loyal to my country to be obedient to the laws of Guyana to love my fellow citizens and to dedicate my energies towards the happiness and prosperity of Guyana.

What are exports from Guyana?

Guyana exports Bauxite,Sugar and Rice.Guyana is know as 'El Dorado' the city of gold because of their cheap but luxurious gold and it is myth that the story originated there

Who colonized Guyana?

The Dutch were the first colonists of Guyana, but were followed by the British, who had a much longer reign, as well as one whose impact and effects were longer lasting.

What ocean in Guyana?

There is no ocean in Guyana but their is one beside it its known as 'The Atlantic'

Why did they call it Guyana?

The name "Guiana" was given to it by the Amerindian tribes that were native to the land. It's name means "land of many waters." When the country was granted independence, they change it to Guyana.

What is the religion of Guyana?

The main religion of Guyana is Christianity - there are thousands of Anglicans and Roman Catholics. Just as important, many Hindus follow their religious traditions, likewise, there are many Moslems who worship in their faith.

Is Guyana wealthy?

No, Guyana is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. The Gdp is very low despite having an abundance of resources. The standard of living is however alot better than other third world places.

Where is Georgetown Guyana?

Here is a brief answer but you can find more detailed information on Guyanese website. Georgetown is in Guyana. It is the capital and city of Guyana like London is the capital of England. Georgetown is situated in Guyana just off the Atlantic ocean. It is bordered by East Bank Demerara, East Coas ( Full Answer )

What is the area of Guyana?

Guyana (officially, Co-operative Republic of Guyana ) - 83,000 square miles. 83,000 square miles or 214,970 square km

Does Guyana have a president?

Yes, Guyana is a semi-presidential democratic republic, whose president is head of state. The president appoints the prime minister who is head of government.

What contenet is Guyana in?

First of all yuh spell contenet wrong!! Guyana is located in the CONTINENT of South America! ~CUTLASS FUH YUH RASS_MIKEY DHANRAJ KHAN

Is Guyana in Africa?

Actually Guyana is in South America and is the only English speaking country in South America. It is also a popular destination for celebs from Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Beyonce' and also J-Lo but this country is kept on the down-low for they do not want to make the country be filled with ( Full Answer )

What is the location of guyana?

Guyana is located on the north eastern 'shoulder' of the continent of South America and is the only English speaking country on the continent.

What is the climent of Guyana?

Its very hot, ill tell you that much. and it when it rains, it doesnt rain for very long.

What clothes do Guyana where?

Guyana, as a country, does not wear clothes. The inhabitants are fashion conscious and wear clothing suitable for the country's tropical climate.

Were is Guyana located?

The country of Guyana lies between Venezuela and Suriname and north of Brazil. These places are located on the South American continent. This country is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. ~Your welcome!

What is Guyana like?

I have visited Guyana many times! Guyana is a Caribbean place. It is never cold there. It just rains and has a lot of sun, and a lot of mosquitoes! Guyana is a free and independent country! You can build your own house anywhere in Guyana, but in America, you cant do that, you have to buy a house. Gu ( Full Answer )

Is there gold in Guyana?

Guyana has enormous deposits of gold - the Canadian Multinational Cambior has built a highly successful mine. The fact that Guyana is a third world country and has some poverty has nothing to do with the answer to this question!

Which countries are allies of Guyana?

Guyana, as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations has allied throughout the world. The Caricom countries and neighboring countries in South America are also among Guyana's allies.

Is Guyana town in Brazil?

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. It's not in Brazil. It's a country on the northern coast of South America.

Is Kajol from Guyana?

No. She is an Indian actress, daughter of filmmaker Shomu Mukherjeeand actress Tanuja, whose father was the director and poet KumarsenSamarth. She is married to actor Ajay Devgan.

What are Important dates and events in Guyana?

important dates are new years, republic day, labor day, caribbean day, freedom day, chrismas, boxing day, good friday, easter monday, phagwah, 'in al-adha, yaou-mun-nabi, and dewali

Who is the governor of Guyana?

Guyana is an independent, democratic country, its Head of State is President who is currently Bharrat Jagdeo. Guyana does not have a Governor!

How is the econoney in Guyana?

In 1972 Guyana's economy started to deteriorate before that is was 2:1 comparing Guyana to the US but now, its 198:1 its came from being the richest Latin country to the second poorest and now is the 3rd Latin American country (Haiti, Nicaragua the poorest) but Guyanese govenment believes they w ( Full Answer )

Where is Guyana found?

Guyana is found in south america in the southern hemisphere next ro suriname,brazil n Venezuela

What are the jobs in Guyana?

We have the same jobs as any other country or part of the world. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, politicans, company ceos, sales associates, tailors, shoe makers, gun makers, bus drivers, life guards, baby sitters, waiters, n the list goes on and on

Who colinized GUYANA?

Guyana was finally colonized by the British after having been briefly colonized by the Dutch and the French. Guyana gained its independence from Britain in the sixties of the last century.

What goods do Guyana have?

Guyana is one of a few mainland territories of South America that is considered to be a part of the Caribbean region. So thats what i have for now.

Is Guyana a domocracy?

Technically speaking, yes, Guyana is a democracy. It has a democratically el;ected president, prime minister and national asembly.

What is nationhood in Guyana?

Guyana became independ from Great Britain on May 26, 1963 and now is a republic within the british commonwealth of nations.