Where is Cape Hangklip located?

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Where is a cape located?

One cape is located at the tip of Africa. It is the Cape of Good Hope.

Which state is Cape Cod located?

Cape Cod is located in Massachusetts .

At what parallel is cape farvel located?

At what parallel is cape farvel located?

Where is Cape May located?

Cape May is located south of Wildwood.

In which country is the city Cape Town located?

Cape town is located in South Africa.

What state is Cape Canaveral located?

Cape Canaveral is located in Florida:) ~all yours~

What cape is located on the southern tip of Greenland?

The Cape of Farewell is located on the southern tip of Greenland.

What country is located in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a city not a country. It is located in South Africa.

Where is the Cape Hatteras ferry located?

Cape Hatteras is a cape on the coast of North Carolina.

Where are the Cape Girardeau apartments located?

Cape Girardeau apartments are located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This city is located southeast of St. Louis and is home to Southeast Missouri State University.

What state is Cape Ann located?

The state that Cape Ann is located in would be Massachusetts. As part of the name Cape Ann is a rocky cape. It forms the northern edge of the Massachusetts Bay.

What continent is cape town located on?

Cape Town is located in the Republic of South Africa on the African continent.

In what state is Cape Hatteras located?

Cape Hatteras is located off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina.

Is The Cape of Good Hope is located in North Africa?

the cape of good hope is located in south Africa.

Which cape is located on the top of New Zealand?

Cape Reinga is the northernmost cape of New Zealand.

What city or town is Cape May court house located in?

Cape Quarter in Cape Town.

Where is cape point in south Africa?

Cape Point is a cape and nature reserve located south of the city of Cape Town

Where is Provincetown?

Provincetown is located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts at the tip of the Cape.

What cape is located farthest South in South America?

Cape horn

What cape is located south of Kitty Hawk NC?

Cape Hatteras

Is the Cape of Good Hope located in North Africa?

No, it is located on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa.

New Zealand's most western point?

West Cape. The west cape is located at the south west of the south island West Cape. The west cape is located at the south west of the south island

Cape Farvel is located at what parallel?

located in Minnisota

Why is Cape Town called Cape Town if it is not a cape?

The city of Cape Town began developing from a Dutch outpost at the Castle of Good Hope which was located at the cape of Good Hope which is a cape.

What city is Cape Cod located in?

cape cod is not located in a city , it is like a county with a lot of towns in it, it is a area in Ma.