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Q: Where is Cole being taken in Touching Spirit Bear?
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How is Cole taken from the island in touching spirit bear?

If you mean after he is injured by the bear, he was taken by helicopter.

What does the spirit bear dance reprsent in touching spirit bear?

it ressembles cole being attacked by the bear

What are the actions in Touching Spirit Bear?

its when Cole is being mauled by the spirit bear and left there to possibly die.

What is the Number of chapters in touching spirit bear have?

There is 28 chapters in Touching Spirit Bear.

How many page does Touching Spirit Bear have?

Touching Spirit Bear has 240 pages in it.

Chapter12 of touching spirit bear what happens?

chapter 12 in touching spirit bear

What are Coles fears in touching spirit bear?

Being alone and powerless

When was Touching Spirit Bear created?

Touching Spirit Bear was created on 2001-01-09.

What is the squeal to touching spirit bear?

Ghost if spirit bear

Touching spirit bear why couldn't he feel his right arm?

he couldn't feel any of his body after being mauled by the spirit bear

What is the basic situation in Touching Spirit Bear?

the basic situation in touching spirit bear is Cole dies

When was Touching Spirit Bear first copyrighted?

Touching Spirit Bear was first copyrighted in 2001.