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dialga is at the top of mt cornet. he has awesome moves. ancientpower,roar of time,metelclaw dragon claw. dialge is SOOOOOOO awesome

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Where can you catch a Dialga?

At the spear pillar and in pearl at the spear pillar

Where is Dialga in Pokemon dimamd?

dialga is at the spear pillar

How do you get a free dialga?

You can catch Dialga in Spear Pillar

Can you only catch Dialga at the spear pillar in diamond?

yes only at spear pillar

Were do you catch Dialga?

At Spear Pillar

Where does Dialga live?

spear pillar

Were do you find Dialga?

At Spear Pillar

How do you get Palkia and Dialga in platnium?

You have to go to the spear pillar and then you have to catch or defeat palkia and dialga well you can only get dialga at the spear pillar you get palkia in pearl. Hope this helped!

Where do you catch Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

in spear pillar.(spear pillar is at the top of mount coronet)

Where is dialga in pokemon?

Dialga can be found in Pokemon diamond, at the spear pillar. Spear pillar is through Mt. Coronet, but if you want dialga in the pearl or other games you have to trade it over

Where do you find Dialga in pokemonindigo?

spear pillar

Where do you catch Palkia and Dialga?

at spear pillar

What is spear pillar?

Where dialga and palkia appear.

Where do you catch Dialga in platinum?

At spear pillar.

How do you get Dialga Pokemon diamond?

at spear pillar

Where can you catch a Dialga or a Palkia?

spear pillar.

Where to find Dialga in pokemondiamond?

Spear Pillar

Where do you get a Dialga?

You get Dialga at spear pillar at mt cornet.catch it with an ultra ball.

Were is diagla in Pokemon Diamond?

Dialga is in Spear Pillar and Spear Pillar is located deep in Mt. Coronet.

Where do you get Dialga in Pokemon Diamond?

You get Dialga at Spear Pillar on top of Mt. Coronot.

How do you dialga in diamond?

After defeating Team Galactic, you can catch Dialga in the Spear Pillar.

How do you catch a Dialga in pokemon diamond?

Spear Pillar

Where are the legendary Pokemon in diamond?

dialga--spear pillar

Were to find Dialga Pokemon diamond?

At the Spear Pillar

In which hidden cave in Pokemon do you get Dialga?

spear pillar