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East Central University is located in the state of Oklahoma.


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East Central University was created in 1909.

The University of Central Oklahoma is located in the state of Oklahoma.

The Sierra Madre Oriental is the mountain range east of where the Central Plateau is located.

The Central Michigan University is located on Franklin st in Mount Pleasant.This is in the US state of Michigan.This university was established in 1892.

Dundee University is located in the United Kingdom. It is more spcificaly located on the east coast of the Central Lowlands of Scotland. The address is Nethergate, Dundee, Dundee City DD1 4HN, United Kingdom.

The University of East Anglia is located in Norwich, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1963 by researchers. This university is primarily used for research.

In central east Michigan. :)

It is considered to be in East Asia.

Central powers were located between the Russian Empire in the east and France and the UK in the west.

In Central and East Africa!

It is located in central east Africa. That would be a long way south east of Philadelphia.

Sierra Madre Oriental because east is right so central plateus east is right

Geylang is a neighbourhood in the city-state of Singapore. It is located east of the central area, Singapore's central business district and east of the Singapore river.

The University of Central Florida is located in Orlando Florida. Not very far from Disney World. It is the second largest University due to the amount of people enrolled there.

It is located in East-Central Arizona, in Apache County.

The university is located in South East India.Viper1

Michigan State University is located East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

The Central Missouri State University is located in Missouri as the name of the university would suggest. The address is at WDE 1400 Warrensburg, MO 64093.

It is located in East Central Africa

Central Michigan University is a public research university. Its football team is named the Chippewas. The Central Michigan University is located in Mount Pleasant.

There are three countries located east of Guatemala: Belize is east of northern Guatemala. Honduras is east of central Guatemala. El Salvador is east of southern Guatemala.

The address of the Central Michigan University is: , Mount Pleasant, MI 48859-0001

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