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Tallahassee, FL

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Orlando, FL

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Q: Where is FAMU College of LAW located?
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What is the total tuition to attend famu?

what is the total cost to attend famu college. what is the total cost to attend famu college.

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How old is famu?

FAMU was founded in 1887. So FAMU is 124 years old

What was the first name for famu?

the State Normal College for Colored Students then Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes now Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Does famu have a medical field?

FAMU doesn't have a medical school but they have the pre-med program.

What is famu in-state tution?

How much would it cost to go to FAMU to get my Ph.D. in Pharamicist?

What US college is the best to study law?

Yale University is probably the best US college in which to study law. Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Where is the BC Law school located?

The BC, or Boston College, Law school is located on Centre Street in Newton in the city of Massachusetts. One can contact them by phone for more information.

What year was famu established in?


What year was famu founded?