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Where is Gengar in pokemon platinum?


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Using the dual-slot feature with firered or leafgreen will make it possible to find gengar in the second room from the right on 2F

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Gengar is a powerful ghost type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Platinum it is possible to capture one by going to the Old Chateau.

A trainer in Victory Road has a Gengar.

Psychic Bryce has a gengar in Pokemon platinum.

you have to get a haunter from someone else and it will evolve into a gengar

Ask a friend to trade u a Pokemon for his/her haunter

you cant you have to evolve haunter

the fantina in the survival area

A Gengar can be seen in a battle with Psychic Bryce in Victory Road.

The old chateau in the room with eyes in eterna forest.

You can see Gengar in victory road go down rith hm08rock climb then to left and battle that trainer.

If you have Fire Red in your DS, go to the Old Chateu.

There is no certain level you have to trade it to evolve it

There's a Psychic in Victory Road that owns one.

you have to trade a haunter and it will evolve into gengar.

You can't find Gengar in the wild, you have to trade with a person for haunter and it evolves into gengar.you cannot find a gengar in the wild but you can get its early form gastly in sprout tower , violet city at night in the game

sinnoh pokedex: Gengar national pokedex: don't have it yet

Yes there is if you go into victory road and on the left hand side you will see a trainer he has Haunter,Gardevoir and that Gengar you need

If you a Pokemon game inserted in the other slot of the DS, it will appear in the Old Chateau at the photo with the moving eyes.

Pokémon Number 71 is Gengar. A Victory Road trainer has 1.

Its not a TM. Your Pokemon has to learn it. like Gastly :) (Gengar in lvl 100 with hypnosis is pwnage :p)

To evolve haunter u have to trade it. As soon as it is traded it will evolve into Gengar.

The way u can get gengar is to evole gastly all the way to haunter than trade it wih someone than u get gengar

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