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Week 7 in an inferno match.

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Q: Where is Kane on Christians Road To WrestleMania PS2?
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How do you unlcok layla in raw vs smackdown ps2?

You have to get her as your manager in your road to wrestlemania.

Will there be new mode in svr 2009 for ps2?

there is a new mode called "ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA" (rtw)

Is stone cold in svr 2011 for ps2?

Yes he is but he is unlockable.Do road to WrestleMania for christian and cash in the money in the bank case for worldheavywieght championship.Or do the wrestlemania challenge against him.

How do you get everyone in Smackdown vs Raw 2009 ps2?

Have sucess in all of the accomplishments in each Road to Wrestlemania story.

How do you save Road to WrestleMania in WWE smackdown vs raw?

Press O On PS2 And You Have The Phone Then Go Down And save there

How do you beat an inferno match in smackdown vs raw 2010 in road to wrestlemania for ps2?

you just make a pinfall or knock them out by burning them

Can you get masked Kane on ps2?


Is WWE Legends of WrestleMania going to come out on PS2?


What systems are for WWE legends of WrestleMania?

PS2,XBOW360,and PS3

Will legends of WrestleMania come on ps2?

No it is a PS3 & Xbox 360 game. Showdown: Legends of Wrestling is a PS2 game

In which day legends of WrestleMania for ps2 will came?

in 31 February 2010

Can you import ps2 svr09 superstars to PS3 legends of wrestlemania?

No I Have Tried