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Mercyhurst College is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1926 as a Catholic liberal arts college. In 2012, more than 85 years later, Mercyhurst College changed its name to Mercyhurst University.

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Yes, Mercyhurst College is indeed located in Erie Pennsylvania. It is a four accredited catholic university catering to the entire county of Erie Pennsylvania.

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Q: Where is Mercyhurst College located?
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Does mercyhurst college have a football team?

Yes, Mercyhurst has a football team. They play NCAA Division II in the PSAC.

What is a good college to go to for forensic science majors?

Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA

Does Mercyhurst College offer classes in marketing?

"Mercyhurst College offers classes in business and marketing. To obtain a marketing degree, a student must take accounting and various math and business courses."

Did James buster Douglas go to collage?

Yes Mercyhurst College in Erie Pa

When was Mercyhurst University created?

Mercyhurst University was created in 1926.

When was Mercyhurst North East created?

Mercyhurst North East was created in 1991.

When was Mercyhurst Preparatory School created?

Mercyhurst Preparatory School was created in 1926.

What is the motto of Mercyhurst North East?

Mercyhurst North East's motto is 'Carpe Diem'.

When was Mercyhurst University Institute for Intelligence Studies created?

Mercyhurst University Institute for Intelligence Studies was created in 2004.

Is it possible to take classes through mercyhurst college on line?

"Mercyhurt College does not currently provide online courses. However, it does allow for you to register for courses at their campus through their website online."

What is Langara College and where is it located?

Lanagara College is a college and it is located in Vancouver, Canada.

What college is located in Lewiston Maine?

The college that is located in Lewiston, Maine is Bates College.