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Where is Navel Rock in Pokemon and what versions is it in?

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Navel Rockthe only way to get it is to get the mystic ticket at an event

i heard in Pokemon emerald you get latias in it

2011-09-13 10:16:33
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Navel rock on Pokemon FireRed?

You need the mystic ticket to get to navel rock on firered.

Where is naval rock in pokemon emerald?

i thougt navel rock was Pokemon leaf green and fire red. (navel rock = nine island)

How do you get lugi on pokemon emrald?

you get at navel rock

Where do you get lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In The Navel Rock

In what island is Lugia in Pokemon FireRed?

It's on navel rock, you have to unlock the mystery gift to go to navel rock.

Where is Navel Rock in Pokemon FireRed?

navel rock is the 8th island out from Cinnibar island. but you need the mystic ticket

How do you get to navel rock in Pokemon pearl?

to get to navel rock you have to have garchomp th regis arceus lugia or ho-oh

How do you go into navel rock in Pokemon emerald?

To get to navel rock you need either a Nintendo event or a action replay!

Where is novel rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?

its navel rock u idiot

How do you get to navel rock in pokemon emerald using game shark?

You can't Navel rock is in Firered and Leafgreen games only

Where and how to get luigio in Pokemon FireRed?

Lugia can be found at Navel Rock, but access to Navel Rock require the MysticTicket, which is earned at an event.

Where can you see HOHO on Pokemon emerald?

navel rock

Where is the navel rock in pokemon leafgreen?

in your bum bum

Going to navel rock?

navel rockin navel rock is lugia and ho-oh to get there you need a ticket i don't remember good the name you get the ticket by trade by Pokemon fire red or leaf green (there´s no another way) and then when you have youre ticket(in Pokemon emerald)you need to go to slateport and go to the ship and give the ticket and the men will get you to navel rock

Where is ho-ho in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Navel Rock

Code to go to navel rock in Pokemon emerald?


Lugia in FireRed?

In Pokemon FireRed, Lugia is at Navel Rock.

How do you get to navel rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?

only with action reaplay

Where do you find a rainbow wing in Pokemon gold?

In navel Rock

Where is navel rock in Pokemon Ruby?

Navel Rock is the name of an island located in between Chrono and Floe islands in the Pokémon games. This island is only accessible in the Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald versions of the game, therefore, it's not accessible in the Ruby version.

How can you get Ho-oh in Pokemon FireRed?

By going to navel rock

How do you get to navel rock in Pokemon Diamond?

To get to Navel Rock in Pokemon Diamond you need the Mystic Ticket event item. Sadly the Mystic Ticket is no longer available since it was an event item that has long passed.

Where can you catch ho-oh in emerald?

You will have to go to the navel rock to catch ho-oh.To go to the navel rock,you will have to go the real pokemon event.

Pokemon ruby how to get to narval rock?

You have to hack to get to Navel Rock. There you can catch Ho-oh and Lugia.

What Pokemon can you find in navel rock on Pokemon emerald?

You can find ho-oh and sacred ash