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Where is Prince William in line for the throne first second or third

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Prince William is second in line to the British throne, after his father, Prince Charles.

See the related question link below.

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Why Prince Harry instead of Prince William to succeed to throne?

Prince William is older. And Prince Charles is first in line, Harry is second and William is third.

Who is the crown prince of England?

The first in line to the throne is HRH the Prince of Wales, who is Prince Charles. Prince William is Prince Charles' oldest son, and is second in line to the throne.

Who will be the king first Prince Williams or Prince Harry?

Prince William is second in line to the throne, Prince Harry is fifth in line.

Who is the third in line for the English throne?

Prince George, son of Prince William. Prince William, now second in line, is the son of Crown Prince Charles who is first in line.

Why is William next in line to the throne after Prince Charles?

Because he was the first born of Charles

Why do Prince William and harry share the title prince of wales?

Charles is the Prince of Wales as he is first in line to the throne. William and Harry's last name (optionally) is Wales as Charles' sons.

Who is next in line if Prince William dies?

Prince William is 2nd in line to the throne, followed by his brother, Prince Harry. If Prince William dies before he has any children, Harry will be next in line. If he has children first, they will be next in line.

Is Prince William a real person?

Prince William is indeed a real person. He is Grandson of the Queen, Son of Charles and Diana and 2nd in line for the throne of England. Yes, Prince William is a real person. Prince William is the first son born of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles of England.

Will Prince Harry be in line next to the throne if William and kate have children?

no - the order will be Charles then William then their first male child then their first female child (if there is no male child) then harry...

If Prince Charles dies who becomes 1st in line to the English throne?

If Charles dies before Queen Elizabeth dies, then Prince William will be first in line. If Charles dies while he is king (having succeeded Elizabeth to the throne), then Wlliam becomes king and his eldest son (supposing there is one) will be heir to the throne. If William does not have children, then his younger brother Harry will be first in line.

Is the Queen Elizabeth II making William king instead of Charles?

No. Prince Charles is still first in line to be King of England, and there has been no statement by the Royal Family disputing that. Prince William is next in line to the throne after Prince Charles.

Could Charles become king?

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales is the Queen's eldest male son. Therefore he is FIRST in line to the throne. Until Prince Charles had children of his own, his younger brothers Princes Andrew and Edward were second and third in line to the throne. However, since the births of Princes William and Harry, who are direct descendents of the heir-apparent (Charles) they have now replaced their uncles and become second and third in line of succession, respectively.

Who is Prince Charles first sons name?

Prince Charles first son is wiliam and his second son is harry William was born in 1982 and harry was born in 1984 so William must be the first because he was born before harry. now Prince William is getting married to Kate Middleton

Can Prince Williams kids become queen?

It is possible. Currently, Prince Charles is first in line for the throne, then Prince William, then Prince Harry. But any of William's children, male or female, will be closer to the throne than Harry. So while it seems even William is a long way away from taking the throne, any children he has will be next in line (a daughter could always lose her place to a newly born male sibling, due to the male bias of the system).

After Prince William who will be next on the throne?

Prince William is second in line to the throne, after his father, Prince Charles. Third in line is William's brother, Prince Henry. However, it is unlikely that Henry will become King because William's children will come before Henry in the line of succession: first the male children, oldest to youngest; followed by the female children, oldest to youngest. Unless William passes away with no children (and assuming his wife is not pregnant with the heir, in which case the heir would be king/queen and a regent would reign for him/her until he/she comes of age) the next on the throne after William will be William's eldest son, or his eldest daughter if he has no sons. See the related question link below.

Who is prince of Wales at present?

2010 = Prince Charles. As heir to the throne, he will remain Prince of Wales until he either ascends to the throne or dies (whichever comes first).

Who is next in line for the royal family after Prince William?

William's first born child. If he dies before siring a child, his brother Harry will inherit the throne.

Why aren't prince Andrew and prince edward in line for the throne of England?

They are in line, theyre just in a position where they can be pushed back due to primogeniture. Currently, Prince Andrew is 4th in line, Edward is 7th. The Queen's eldest son is first in line to the throne, Prince Charles. In 1980, Prince Andrew would have been second, as her next eldest son. However Prince Charles himself had a son in 1982, and another in 1984 (William and Harry) and these go before their father's siblings in the line of succession. In the same way, Andrew's own daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, pushed his younger brother Edward back, and in turn, if Prince William and Catherine Middleton have a child, this child will be next in line after William, before his brother Harry.

Who Is William the Second?

William the second is the son of William the first.

Is Prince William Princess Diana's son?

Yes, Prince William is the first child of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Why was Diana named princess Diana when she married a princes and Kate became a Duchess when she married a princes?

Because Charles was first in line to throne and therefore Prince of Wales when he married Diana. She then became The Princess of Wales upon marriage. William is second in line to the throne and not The Prince of Wales (yet). He was created the Duke of Cambridge upon his wedding day and so Kate became The Duchess of Cambridge. She is however also "Princess William" just as a married woman can be Mrs John Smith. When Charles is King, William will become Prince of Wales and Kate Princess of Wales.

Who are the children of Prince Charles?

Prince William of Wales (William) and Prince Henry of Wales (Harry). They are the sons of Prince Charles and his first wife, the late Lady Diana Spencer (Princess Diana). Their sons' legal names are William Arthur Philip Louis and Harry Charles Albert David. Prince William was born on June 21, 1982. Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984. Prince Charles has had no children with his second wife, Camilla.

Can Kate Middleton's baby inherit the throne if it is a girl?

Kate Middleton's baby will be third in line to the throne, whether or not it is a boy or girl. First in line is Prince Charles, then Prince William, then Will & Kate's child. At one time, boys took precedence, but due to a recent change in the rules of succession, the gender does not matter.

What is Prince Charles place in the succession?

Since his birth in 1948, Prince Charles has been the first in line to the British throne.

Who is pricess Diana?

Princess Diana was the first wife of prince Charles Crown prince to the British throne. they fell out with each other after her second child. she was killed in a very bad car acident in France not long after they split up.