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Q: Where is Uncle Grimly hiding Luigi's Mansion?
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Where is the key to the basement on luigi's mansion?

you beat uncle grimly in the wardrobe room

How do you get into the breaker room in luigi's mansion?

It is normally unlocked. When the lights go out you have to go into the wardrobe room (the third room of the game) and suck up uncle Grimly. He gives you the key to the breaker room.

In luigis mansion were do you go when the power goes out?

go to the wardrobe room and turn around from the mirror to see uncle greemy and then go to the basement to turn the lights on using the breaker which is the generator on the right

Do you have to beat the blackout on luigi's mansion?

You have to defeat Uncle Grimly. To get there, do the following: go to the foyer (bigging room) go up the stairs go in the door straight ahead keep going through the rooms until you get to the wardrobe (room with three closets) Uncle Grimly (ghost) will appear and disappear and when he says "Boo" and lifts up his arms you shine the light on him and suck him up like any other ghost Go to the breaker room in the basement and flip the switch-the lights will come on

What does harry do after his uncle die?

his uncle never dies but in the 7th book they go in to hiding

How do you beat uncle grimmly in luigi's mansion?

turn around and wait for your Q to suck him up

Where is uncle greemy In Luigi's mansion?

He's in the wardrobe, next to the anteroom. It was the 3rd room you entered in the game.

Where can you find uncle grimmly in luigi?

The only way to encounter uncle grimmly in Luigi's Mansion is to travel to the Wardrobe Room right after E. Gadd contacts you in the telephone room after the blackout.

What do you think uncle Henrik means by Tomorrow will be a day for fishing?

your going to catch something lure it out of hiding

Where can you find uncle grimmly in luigi's mansion?

He's in the anteroom right before you go out onto the small balcony where the toad is.

Where is uncle grimmly in luigi's mansion?

In the wardrobe room on the 4th area when the power gets knocked out in the game and you have to restore the power.

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Her son got sold by someone.

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