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mostly in trees

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Can a birds habitat be the ocean?

No, the birds habitat is an aerial habitat.

Where is the dodo birds habitat?

The Dodo birds are extinct and do not have a habitatDodo's lived on the island Mauritius :)

Is Birds nest in trees a habitat or niche?

it is a habitat

How do birds survive in their habitat?

they adapt to their habitat, enviroment.

What are birds habitat?

in a tree

What are the abstract nouns in this sentence The birds live in their habitat with no fear?

what are the abstract nouns in this sentence the birds live in their habitat with no fear

What is a birds natural habitat?


What is a birds habitat?

In the air and land

What is a dollar birds habitat?


What animal changes its habitat?


How do you habitat?

Habitat is where a animal lives. A birds habitat is in the sky and trees, a fishes is in the water, and a foxes is in the woods.

What can you do to save your extinct birds?

idealy you would find the birds habitat and then make a habitat based on the birds ideal place for reproduction,protection,water,food,sun, and warmth.

Sentence for habitat?

There are a lot of migrating birds in this wetland habitat right now.

What is a place where animals and birds live?

A habitat.

Is tree a habitat?

Yes it can be a habitat. For chipmunks, birds, beetles, bugs, and micro-organisms.

What is the weaver birds habitat?

weaver birds habitat is in south Africa , south east Asia and Madagascar .It is mostly found in hot and dry region.

Is frogs insects and birds living near a pond a community ecosystem habitat or a population?


Why are some birds rare?

Birds are rare because of the climate change some birds die out and less habitat.

What sort of habitat do native birds live in?

The habitat of a native bird is the type of environment it is in at the time

What is areial habitat?

an aerial habitat... surprise it's air used, by flying animals such as birds

How can you prevent birds from getting extinct?

Provide them with a habitat.

What habitat do birds live in?


What is the frigatebirds habitat?

Frigatebirds are sea (or ocean) birds.

A large cage where birds are kept at a zoo?


Are blue birds habitat in danger of disappearing?


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