Where is a cars boot?

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Q: Where is a cars boot?
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What is used to cover boot of cars?


What do Hybrid cars look like?

the battery is in the boot

Why the engine is kept in boot of car in some cars?

Design preference

What is hatchback cars?

A hatchback is a car with a boot that opens up and is one piece.

Where do they put a cars engine?

under the bonnet (the front bit) usually but can be in the boot or in the middle it depends on the car but in most cars up the front

Where is the biggest car boot sale in Southern England?

All car boots say they the biggest if they got 2 cars or 100 cars

What does boot mean when it comes to cars in UK?

Boot - British - American - Trunk, the part at the back for luggage.British/Australian bootin America it's just a trunk

Can you just replace the rubber boot on CV joint?

There are some kits available for some cars, but not many.

How do you use boot in a sentence with a plural noun?

The word 'boot' is a noun (boot, boots) and a verb (boot, boots, booting, booted).The noun 'boot' can be used to describe a plural noun. A noun used to as an adjective to describe another noun is called an attributive noun (or noun adjunct):boot printsboot sizesboot lacesboot wearersThe verb 'boot' can be used as the action verb of a plural noun as a subject or the action verb of a plural noun as an object.The players often boot the ball right into the stands. (subject of the sentence)They boot the cars of the people who don't pay their tickets. (direct object)

How invented car racing?

boot leggers needed fast cars to get away from cops and eventually they raced them eo see who had the fastest car

What are the disadvantages of cabriolet cars?

The car sometimes suffers slightly more from wind noise. Also the boot space is compromised when you take the top down.

Where is battery 550 2006 BMW?

Do you mean where is the battery in BMW 2006? Some BMW cars have battery in the Boot (trunk) and you have to lift the cover to see it

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