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What state Iditarod take place?

it is from anchorage, Alaska to Nome, Alaska

Where did Anchorage get its name?

Anchorage began as a port (anchorage) (a place to anchor) for ships.The largest city in Alaska.

What is the most important place in Alaska?

Anchorage where the people are.

How is anchorage important to Alaska?

it is the place where japan fought Americas army to take over Alaska

Can you use the word Anchorage in a sentence?

There are two meanings for Anchorage, it can be a place to store a ship or a town in Alaska, so here are two sentences: The Iditarod sled run starts in Anchorage, Alaska. The ships were temporarily docked in an anchorage while their owners were ashore.

What is the proper noun of Anchorage?

Anchorage is a proper noun, the name of a city in Alaska, a specific place. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing.

Is anchorage a common or proper noun?

The noun anchorage is a common noun, a word for a place suitable for a ship to drop anchor, any place for any boat or ship.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Anchorage, AlaskaAnchorage Inn, York Beach, MaineAnchorage Cafe, Anchorage, Kentucky

Where is the Iditarod held?

It is a dogsled race that takes place in Alaska. There is a ceremonial start in Anchorage Alaska, however, due to the urban nature of the area, after the ceremony the race moves to Willow Alaska, about 80 miles north of Anchorage, and goes from Willow to Nome Alaska.

How did the Iditarod race begin?

The Iditarod is a dogsled race that takes place on the Iditarod Trail in Alaska. It starts in Anchorage, Alaska and it ends in Nome, Alaska.

Where can you go to rent an apartment with being a convicted felon in anchorage Alaska?

There's a place in Roscommon

Where does Alaska state fair take place?

The Alaska State Fair is held annually in Palmer, Alaska. Palmer is located approximately one hour north of Anchorage.

When it is noon in London England what time is it at a place located 150 degrees west longitude?

Anchorage, Alaska is located at 149°53W. Alaska is -9 hours behind the UK. At noon in London, it would be 3am in Anchorage.

Where does the Iditarod race begin?

The Iditarod race begins in Anchorage, Alaska. The race ends in Nome, Alaska. The race takes place in the beginning of March.

What is the halfway point between Anchorage Alaska and London England?

That will be a place close to the far northern end of Greenland.

Where can I get Business Analytics software for the Macintosh in Anchorage, Alaska?

genuine business analytics software can be bought online by this url It is applicable to any place including anchorage

Where is the best place to get information on Anchorage vacation packages?

The best place to get information on anchorage vacation packages would be to contact travel agencies that specialize in the Anchorage part of Alaska, USA. You would also be able to find information online to see what travel budget websites would be offering as a vacation package.

Is Anchorage Alaska a good place to live?

Any place is good to live if it offers what you are looking for. A place can be difficult to live in if it doesn't offer you what you want in a city. Anchorage is considered the metropolitan city of Alaska, but it is a far cry from any typical, large city that is normally found in the contiguous 48 states of America. The city is rather small with minimal skyline. It is peppered with a combination of older houses, trailer park areas, and lovely homes. Anchorage has plenty of employment opportunities, but limited in indoor entertainment. If you like cross-country skiing, hiking, downhill skiing....if you are FANATICAL about it....Anchorage is the place to live. If you aren't an outdoor enthusiast, Anchorage is NOT a city you want to live in.

What city is in 61 degrees north and 150 degrees west?

Those co-ordinates - would place you in the sea !... off the coast of Anchorage, Alaska.

How do crabs move from place to place?

crabs move sideways

Is a pet store a good place to get a hermit crab?

Yes it is a perfect place to get a hermit crab especially petsmart :) CHEAP for crabs Petsmart is where I got mine.

Where can I find a strict boot camp for teenagers in the area of Anchorage, Alaska?

There is a place in Anchorage called AlaskaFit that is a boot camp. That may not be as strict as you were looking for so I would suggest contacting the city police and seeing if they know something better.

What is a name of a town or place in Alaska?

Anchorage, Fairbamks and juneau. The Yukon River. The Kenai and Seward Peninsulas. The Aleutian Islands. Mount McKinley. Point Barrow.

How many miles does it take from Alaska to Wyoming?

Alaska's a big place. Your destination could vary by a thousand miles or more. Anchorage to Cheyenne is 3120 miles.

What Canada cities are on the same longitude as Anchorage Alaska?

No place in Canada has the same longitude that Anchorage has.However, Destruction Bay and Frances Lake in the Yukon Territory, Nahanni Butteand Rat River in the Northwest Territories, Ennadai and Eskimo Point in Nunavut,and Resolution Island in Quebec, have very nearly the same latitude that Anchorage has.

What is the average of summer temperature in Alaska?

Depends on where in alaska you are. Average in Anchorage I would say is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer but the lack of wind makes it feel like an 80 in a normal place with maybe 5-10 mph wind. It may get up to 90-98 degrees on a hot day in anchorage once a year. In fairbanks and interior Alaska howevee the temperature is much less moderate. In the summer it can get well over 100 but I'm not sure of an average. In the winter it will drop much further than anchorage as well. Anchorage bottoming at -30 and fairbanks still getting lower past -40.

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