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When in East Sussex, you can easily get a good house in Brighton and Hastings. You can also get good homes in Swale and Tonbridge areas of Kent.

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What is a good nickname for Kent?

Kenny is a good nickname for kent

Are sussex good laying hens?

Yes, sussex hens lay about 6-7 eggs a week which is a good layer!.

What is a good British surname?

Oddly, or perhaps not- the fine English surname of "Goode" is first found in Wiltshire, Sussex, and Kent as a nickname type surname. It was a name originally bestowed upon persons who performed acts of kindness or good deeds.

Is Delaware good for farming?

Sussex County is mostly agricultural.

Where is a good place for an outing in Kent for two people?

There are many attractions in Kent dependant on your personal preferences. You could go visit the White Cliffs of Dover if you prefer the outdoors or visit the Royal Cinema in Faversham.

Which part of London can crawley be found?

If you are refering to Crawley, Sussex, you are way off. Although it is not a part of London, it was built for a settlement to ease congestion in London, I believe. It is many miles North of Brighton, South of Horley in Surrey, North-east of Horsham. It is also just south of London Gatwick Airport, on the Surrey-West Sussex Border but on the Sussex Side. I hope my answer has helped you slightly. Good Luck.

Show ever color of sussex chicken?

Sussex come inpure whiteBrownRedLightBuffSilverSpeckledCoronationLavenderGoldfrom my expereance sussex are calm mild birds. good for pets.

What happened to the Sussex?

mostly the sussex got hit by a lot of crop circles. people from all over the globe came ther and trampulled all over the place until sussex is just sick an tired of crop circle this an crop circle that. many people were mad cus ther was no christian sussex circles for them. crybabys! a good cristian is good at forgiving the aliens and just to know that jesus will come for us crop circles or not! i feel sorry for the sussexes that have to put up with all this nonsince cus the crop circles are pretty.

Why is London a good place to host the olympic games?

i need the answer There are good facilities and arenas in East London so that is the answer.

Why do most people live in south east Brazil?

because it is not a good place to live

Chiropodist podiatrist foot health services in chichester?

A very good foot health service is Foot Angel. They have clinics in Havant & Chichester and carry out home visits throughout West Sussex & East Hampshire.

What convent was Monica Baldwin in?

The Priory of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Hayward's Heath, East Sussex. This community moved to Sayer's Common, Lewes, in 1978. The nuns are Canonesses Regular of St Augustine, Congregation of Windesheim.

Where can you find a list of different Hotels located in or near Kent KA?

A good place to check a list of different hotels located in or near Kent, KA is to ask a travel agent. Or go the Kansas state website and see if they have a list.

Where did the surname Goode originate?

The English surname Goode originated as a name for someone who performed good deeds or acts of kindness. "Nickname surnames", the broadest class of surnames, can describe a person's mode of dress, character, habits, or general appearance. It is first found in the early records of Kent, Sussex, and Wiltshire.

What college has training for a vet?

Hadlow college is good but it is in Kent

Is south and east central Asia a good place for a snow leopard to live if so why?

No, it is not a good place for a snow leopard to live in South and East Central Asia, you see, in the snow leopard's name, it has the word snow in it.In South and East Central Asia, it is very hot and dry.Snow leopards have to live in snow.Or else, they can't survive.:(

Where is the Spread Eagle Hotel in Sussex located?

The Spread Eagle Hotel is located near the centre of the historic market town of Midhurst, in Sussex, England. It is near the centre of the town itself, a good location for shopping or exploring.

What are some good cycle rountes in and around Kent?

there is shorne country park that is quitee good and long.

Which are the best laying hen breeds?

leghorns are good and all types of Sussex but silkies go to sit quickly.

What are some good hotels near or in Riverhead?

There are many good hotels near Riverhead. Some of these hotels include Hyatt Place, the Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel Indigo East End, and the Budget Host East End Hotel.

Is east coast business concepts a good place to work?

In a word....Yes. Great training, great leadership, and great people!

Why is London such a good place to invest in because of the Olympics?

It is predicted that property values in East London near the Olypmic venues will increase.

Who is the Good Witch of the East?

There's no such person as the Good Witch of the East. The Witches of the East and of the West come to be called the Wicked Witches. Glinda comes to be called the Good Witch. But she is neither from the east nor the west.

What are facts about Kent State University?

Kent State University is a good school for people with good intelligence.Last month, Ohio's Kent State University offered some of its employees the ...... Make a plan if your graduate moves back home (Lawrence Journal World - KS) ...... It begins, however, by laying out the facts of the current mediascape in ...

Is the east midlands a good place for vacation?

"If you are looking for a relaxing time in the country, the East Midlands are a wonderful place for a holiday. You can visit Sherwood Forest, made famous by the legend of Robin Hood and take in some of the great food, from Lincolnshire sausages to Stilton cheese."

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