Where is a good place to mount a car amplifier?

Updated: 9/10/2019
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You can mount your car amplifier in the back floor or in the trunk.

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Q: Where is a good place to mount a car amplifier?
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Where is the best place to mount a car amplifier?

A good place is either in the trunk, or under a seat so it is out of the view of thieves.

Can you mount a car amplifier upside down?

Yes, you can mount it any way you like.

Are there powered car speakers or do you absolutely need an amplifier?

You should get a amplifier if you want good sound quality out of your speakers.

Do I need a car amp to get good music in the car?

Getting good music in the car is up to you, depending on what music you like. But if your looking you good sound in your car you will need a car amplifier.

Do I have to charge my car amplifier every time i start my car?

What do you mean charge the amplifier? It's not a battery, so you just turn the stereo on. When the stereo goes on, the remote wire will turn the amplifier on and you're good to go.

Does the Phoenix Gold V8001 Car Amplifier have good reviews?

There are few reviews but the are fairly good ones.

Which is the best amplifier to enhance car subwoofers?

The Kicker ZX300.1 Subwoofer Car Amplifier is great.

What is the best place to mount a subwoofer?

The trunk of your car is the best place to mount a pair of subs. The trunk also acts like a sound chamber for the subs. Just make sure you seal the trunk good so it will not raddle when the bass hits.

The Pyle PLA2680 Car Amplifier looks cool but how well does it work?

It is a good mid range amp.

What is the best car amplifier for competition cars?

A 5000 watt digital monobloc amplifier is good for competition cars. The ICBM Giant 5000 watt is a favorite right now.

What gauge speaker wire for car amplifier install?

Depends on the output of the amplifier.

Can a PlayStation 3 be a amplifier for a car?