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Where is a seahorses habitat?

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seahorses are found in warm shallow water

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What habitat do seahorses have?

Seahorses live in the sea.

How far do seahorses swim from their habitat?

not far from its normal habitat

What is a seahorses habitat?

under water

What is a giraffe seahorses habitat?


Where can you find pictures of a seahorses habitat?

Google Images.

What climate is in the seahorses habitat?

medium to temperate waters

How are people saving seahorses today?

Few, in any, are actively involved in saving seahorses. However many are caring for the habitat in which they thrive.

How do Seahorses adapt to survive its habitat?

they adapt by curling up there tail

What habitat do seahorses live in?

they live in lots of stuff to hold on to and to be able to camaflosh

What does a seahorses habitat feel like?

Just how we live but a bit different they live underwater and must beware of their predators.

Are seahorses hermaphrodites?

There are male seahorses and female seahorses.

Do sea horses and giraffes get along?

No, mainly because they cannot exist in the same habitat. Seahorses are marine animals and giraffes are land mammals.

Do seahorses migrate?

No. Seahorses do not migrate.

Does seahorses have gills?

Seahorses have gills

Why are seahorses extinct?

Seahorses are not extinct.

What other animals live in a seahorses habitat?

Other species of fish! The actual assemblage, including sea-horse species, depends on the particular location.

Do seahorses have fins?

Yes seahorses have fins.

Do seahorses migrate if they do how far?

Seahorses do not migrate.

Why do seahorses lay eggs?

Seahorses are not mammals.

What are the activities of a seahorses?

What is a seahorses daily activities?

How can you protect seahorses?

Keep the Seahorses in water.

Does seahorses migration?

Yes! Seahorses migrate!

What marine life is in Bonaire?

Seahorses Seahorses

Are seahorses decomposers?

Seahorses are not decomposers. They are consumers.

When was The Seahorses created?

The Seahorses was created in 1996.

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