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There are several shop that services brakes on a vehicle. One of the shops are your dealership. Another shop is Midas or Car X and you can also take your car to and auto shop.

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Q: Where is a shop that will service auto brakes?
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Where can I go to get my emergency brake repaired?

You can go to any auto repair service or auto shop to get your emergency brakes repaired. Any mechanic can usually repair this service easily and quickly.

Where can I get my brakes replaced cheap and efficiently?

You can get your brakes replaced cheaply and efficiently at Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers. Mr. Tire Auto Service Center is located in Arlington, Virginia.

Where do I go to get brakes for my car?

Usually people go to a dealer or a body shop or even a auto shop to get new brakes for their car. Brakes can also be found online by many different distributors.

Brake Service Cost?

form_title=Brake Service Cost form_header=Be prepared at every brake! Let us help you find an auto shop for a service cost estimate. Does your vehicle make noises when you put on the brakes?= () Yes () No Have you ever replaced your brakes?= () Yes () No How many miles are on your vehicle?=_

How do you replace the brakes on a 2006 Chrysler convertible?

take it to an auto shop and pay them to fix it that is how you replace the brakes on a 2006chrysler convertable

Can a repair shop release a car with bad brakes?

A repair shop can release a car with bad brakes if they were not asked to repair the brakes or the customer refused service. It is then the responsibility of the customer to have them repaired.

Who provides the best auto maintenance service?

There is no one auto shop which provides the best service for every car make and model. I suggest that you ask people in your area for an auto shop which provides consistently good service.

Where online can I find an auto service shop?

That auto services shop can be found by going to,, or or

What is the best auto service shop in Amherst, Massachusetts?

If you are looking for the best auto service shop in Amherst, Massachusetts because you are looking to buy new air fresheners, then the answer would be Fred's Auto Repair.

Where do I go to look into getting my brakes fixed?

Any automobile service shop can check your breaks and tell you how to get them fixed. Try searching for auto shops near you online or in the yellow pages.

How can I tell what's a good auto repair shop and what isn't?

More often than not, you can tell if an auto repair shop is good if the employees treat you with respect or not. Poor customer service often means poor auto service, while good customer service normally means great auto service.

Where is the nearest auto maintenance shop?

The nearest auto mechanic maintenance shop can be located by going to this or or or

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