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Orissa is the leading Aluminium producing State in India.

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Q: Where is aluminum found in india?
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Where are the deposits of iron aluminum and zinc in India?

Deposits of iron found in India are :-jharkhand ,madhya pradesh, orissa , maharastra, karnataka, chhattisagarh and goa.

What are three compounds where aluminum is found?

Aluminum is found in many compounds. Among these are aluminum oxide, aluminum fluoride, and aluminum sulfate. Aluminum oxide is the most commercially significant of these compounds.

Which element is found in aluminum foil?


Why is aluminum not found in nature?

Aluminum is not found alone in nature, it is found in compounds and must be disassociated and purified.

What sedimentary rock is aluminum found in?

Aluminum is found in many sedimentary rocks, but the main ore of aluminum is the rock bauxite.

What family is aluminum found in?

Aluminum is found in the family of Boron group or Group 13

Is aluminum found in the sea or in the air?

Aluminum is found in lakes as well as the air. Aluminum is element that is in the boron group of chemical elements.

What type of metal is found in aluminum foil?


Is aluminum found in living things?

Yes aluminum can be found in living things but only in very small amounts. Aluminum is a common element that is found in the Earth's surface.

What do you call aluminum in Hindi?

Spelt and pronounced aluminum in many countries including India.

Is aluminum man-made?

No, aluminum is not man-made. In fact, it is a natural and earth found metal. Aluminum is found in the earth's crust.

What country does aluminum come from?


Where is aluminum element found?

Aluminum is not an element, keep studying.

How was aluminum found?

Aluminum is found naturally on Earth. Hans Christian Orsted gets the credit for producing the first powder utilizing aluminum in the 1800s.

Where are Iron and aluminum often found?

Aluminum and iron are often found in ores. some ores are compacted with difrent minerals like iron, Aluminum

Where is aluminum found geographically?

Aluminum is in a huge quantity in earth's crust but it is not found free in nature. It is always found together with other elements and not in its pure form. Geographically, aluminum is found in Indonesia, Jamaica, Russia, Ghana, and Surinam.

What is aluminum mostly found in?

An aluminum oxide mineral called bauxite.

What continent is India found on?

India is found in Asia.

Where are antelope found in India?

It is found in northwest India

Where are daffodils found in India?

daffodils are not found in India.

Is limestone in aluminum foil?

No. Aluminum foil is made from aluminum. The primary ore of aluminum is bauxite, which is often found with limestone and dolomite deposits.

What are two compounds found in nature?

Aluminum (made from aluminum oxide) and Protien (Found from living things counts as nature)

Explain why aluminum can be found in the inner lining of airplanes?

It is light in weight and strong

What kind of metal is aluminum?

Aluminum is a pure metal but can be found in different forms.

What minerals are found in aluminum foil?

An aluminum foil contain only aluminium.