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The United States Army War College is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania .

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West Point, New York

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Q: Where is army college located?
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Where is brigade of gurkha headquarter located?

The Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas is located at the Former Army Staff College in Camberly, Surrey.

When was Army Apprentices College created?

Army Apprentices College was created in 1924.

When was Army Foundation College created?

Army Foundation College was created in 1998.

When did Army War College - Japan - end?

Army War College - Japan - ended in 1945.

When was Army War College - Japan - created?

Army War College - Japan - was created in 1882.

When you are in the army do you do college while you are doing your time in the army or when you get out of being in the army?

I think what is meant is "If you sign up with the army to pay for college, do you spend service time after or before completing college?" Well, the ROTC program offered by the army allows you to give time (usually 4 years) *after* you finish college.

What is Army Foundation College's motto?

Army Foundation College's motto is 'Trust, Courage, Team Spirit'.

What is Langara College and where is it located?

Lanagara College is a college and it is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Harrogate army foundation college?

the army foundation college is a college for any regiment or corps if you would like to become an officer you will have to go to Welbeck

When was United States Army War College created?

United States Army War College was created in 1901.

Can I get a college scholarship because I am in the Army?

Yes, you can get a scholarship. Your college will post scholarships and some of them will be reserved for people in the army.

What college is located in Lewiston Maine?

The college that is located in Lewiston, Maine is Bates College.