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Where is bulbasuar in platinum?

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There is no way to get Bulbasaur in Platinum without trading or Pal Parking.

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You can fiind a bulbasaur at route 222 in the grass with a pokeradar.

if you have heartgold you can get one by beating all 16 gym leaders and beat both final fours then you get to choose between bulbasuar charmander or squirtle

No you can't the only way is to use AR (Action Replay), trading or pal parking.

you cannot find a bulbasuar ,you can migrate from the leafgreen version

you can trade something for a venusaur and catch a ditto ,put then in the daycare , and that sould give you a bulbasuar

bulbasaur was the FIRST Pokemon in the ORIGINALversion. Pokemon platinum version is the new version.sorry but bulbasuar isn't in Pokemon platinum!!Once you have the international pokedex (seen/catch all of the current pokedex) you will be able to get bulbasaur traded to platinum (along with all the other 300 or whatever Pokemon that aren't in platinum but in the other games

you have to trade it from fire red or leaf green

bulbasuar is not obtainable in that game

You have to transfer from GBA via Pal Park

Only in trades sorry its not available in the wild.

May got her Bulbasuar in "Grass Hysteria!"

probally a kanto game. with charmander bulbasuar and squitule.

It's Bulbasuar,and you can start out with it,get it in a trade,or get an egg of one in a trade.

No, Ash's bulbousaur does not evolve, but May's does.

all of them but in some games as a reward or gift for accomplishing an acheivment

In one of the houses in Cerulean City, don't remember which

you get them at level 5 from professor oak in pallet town :)

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