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It is the reaction product of water and carbon dioxide and exists in an equilibrium with water and carbon dioxide whenever the latter is dissolved in the former, for instance in soda water or blood

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What is the name of the acid found within rainwater?

Carbonic Acid.

What type of acid is found in soda water?

carbonic acid, citric acid

Where would you find carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid is found in any form of water except not so much in ice.

What are Large amounts of carbonic acid are found in?

The soil

Is carbonic acid a strong acid?

No, carbonic acid is a weak acid.

What is dilute carbonic acid?

Dilute carbonic acid is a carbonic acid solution that is in low concentration.

What is carbonic acid and the formula?

Carbonic AcidIt is an inorganic compound and a weak acid. Formula of Carbonic AcidH2CO3

Is Carbonic acid an organic acid?

No. Carbonic acid is inorganic.

Where does carbonic acid from?

Carbonic acid exists in small amounts just about all water on Earth. It is a natural product of atmospheric carbon dioxide reacting with water. More concentrated carbonic acid is found in carbonated beverages.

What is the color of carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid is colourless.

What does H2CO3 stand for?

Carbonic Acid

Is the carbonic acid a strong volatile acid?

No. Carbonic acid is never a strong acid.

Is hcl a carbonic acid?

HCl is hydrochloric acid. Carbonic acid is H2CO3

What is the chemical formula for carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid = H2CO3

What is the chemical formula of carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid = H2CO3

When was carbonic acid made?

Carbonic acid occurs naturally.

What will be the electrolysis products of carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid is not electrolysed.

Carbonic acid formula?

Formula for carbonic acid: H2CO3

What is the chemical name of h2co3?

it is carbonic acid. this is a compound found in Pepsi!!

What is the acid anhydride of carbonic acid?

The acid anhydride for carbonic acide = CO2 + H2O

Is vinegar a carbonic acid?

No. Carbonic acid is H2CO3. Vinegar is acetic acid, CH3COOH.

Is Hydrochloric acid is stronger than carbonic acid?

Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid. Carbonic is a weak acid.

What are the adverse affects of excess carbonic acid in the human body?

Carbonic acid is a part of your body's exchange of oxygen and CO2. Carbonic acid will be lethal. See carbonic anhydase and carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.

What are the effects of carbonic acid on limestone?

Carbonic acid dissolves limestone.

Carbonic acid is a mixture of?

Carbonic acid = H2CO3 = H2O + CO2