Where is cerro negro located?

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Where is Mobil's Cerro Negro?

Mobil's Cerro Negro project is in Venezuela

What are the names of mountains in Uruguay?

cerro negro

What plate boundary is Cerro Negro on?

Caribbean plate

When was the last time cerro negro erupted?

It was in 1999.

What type of volcanoe is cerro negro?

Cinder Cone Volcano

Cerro Negro of Nicaragua is an active or dormant volcano?


What does cerro negro mean?

It is a volcano in Nicaragua. Its name means black hill.

Where can you go volcano surfing?

You can go volcano surfing at Cerro Negro in León, Nicaragua :)

What are some cinder cone volcanoes in the us?

Cerro Negro, Mount Shasta, Lava Butte

Did people died in el cerro negro volcano?

Not very many, all because it was not located in a popular location. Fortunately. And because you asked, it did not damage much land/town either. At least, not alot of damage.

Which mountain range is mount cerro aconcagua?

Cerro Aconcagua at 22,841 ft is the highest peak in the Americas and is located in the Andes mountains.

What are some mountains in Costa Rica?

Some mountains located in Costa Rica are:Cerro ChatoCerro KamukBrava VolcanoCerro de la MuertoRincón de la Vieja

What are some famous cinder cone volcanoes?

Some famous cinder cone volcanoes include Parícutin in Mexico, Sunset Crater in Arizona, and Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.

In which nation is Cerro Aconcagua located?

In the Andes Mountain Range in Argentina, South America

What are the mountions in Costa Rica?

Arenal VolcanoBarva VolcanoCerro CedralChato VolcanoCerro ChirripóCerro EchandiIrazú VolcanoCerro KamukMiravalles VolcanoCerro dela MuerteOrosí VolcanoCerro PicoAlto

Where is the Hope Welty Public Library District in Cerro Gordo located?

The address of the Hope Welty Public Library District is: 100 South Madison Street, Cerro Gordo, 61818 0260

Where is the Negro River located?

In the Chaco Province of Argentina

What is panamas highest peak?

Highest Peaks In Panama Volcán Barú (Elevation: 11401 feet)Cerro Fábrega (Elevation: 10942 feet)Cerro Picacho (Elevation: 9731 feet)Cerro Respingo (Elevation: 9350 feet)Cerro Chorcha (Elevation: 7343 feet)Cerro Santiago (Elevation: 6959 feet)Cerro Guayabo (Elevation: 6850 feet)Cerro Tacarcuna (Elevation: 6152 feet)Cerro La Bomba (Elevation: 6070 feet)Cerro Chicú (Elevation: 5787 feet)

What is the population of Cerro Sombrero?

Cerro Sombrero's population is 687.

What is Cerro Cama's population?

The population of Cerro Cama is 1,420.

What is Cerro Pelado's population?

The population of Cerro Pelado is 6,385.

When did Emeterio Cerro die?

Emeterio Cerro died in 1996.

When was Emeterio Cerro born?

Emeterio Cerro was born in 1952.

What is Cerro Chato's population?

Cerro Chato's population is 1,099.

What is the population of Cerro Navia?

The population of Cerro Navia is 148,312.