Where is clan wars in runescape now?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Clan Wars is now located in the Gamer's Grotto. If you don't know where this is it's north of Falador. Look at the world map.

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Q: Where is clan wars in runescape now?
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Is Clan Wars a members-only activity in RuneScape?

No. Clan Wars can be accessed and played by all players.

At clan wars in Runescape after a battle do you get runes back?


Who is darkpurple77?

a famous clan wars leader(Runescape)

What is a clan in RuneScape?

a clan is a group of people that make a group or clan to fight in clan wars against other clans

What is the f2p pure clan wars world in runescape?


Why are there geckos on RuneScape?

Over by the hill giants next to clan wars.

Where are the green dragons located in runescape?

They are just east of clan wars

What is a famous clan war in runescape?

There is no such thing, as far as I know. There is a minigame called "clan wars", and there are "clans" in the sense of associations of players.

What is Clan Wars in RuneScape?

Clan Wars is a minigame in Runescape. To reach it, you must head into the Wilderness, north of Varrock. It has three main components: a battle between two clans (most popular), a safe free-for-all, and a dangerous free-for-all. If you are not a member of a clan, you can still join one when you get there.

Where do you find hill giants on runescape?

near clan wars near castle wars in lvl 58wildy in a hotspot in a cave

What are clans good for in RuneScape?

Clans are for raiding in party together. The most common is Clan Wars.

How do you make an army in RuneScape?

You can only make an army whilst playing clan wars (Non-members) or castle wars (Members)