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It's underneath the water pump on the front of the engine, which is actually by the passenger fender since the engine sits sideways. It easiest to see and get to from below the vehicle. I discovered the sensor while trying to replace the water pump on my 1996 Windstar. The sensor was blocking one of the water pump bolts so I decided to remove it. It turned out to be a mistake because the sensor housing broke when I tried to pull it off. It was the original sensor so it was pretty well stuck on. A new one will cost me about $30.00. It's held on by two small bolts and has one plug connected to it. You should jack up the van, remove the passenger side wheel in order to get a better view of the sensor. The rear bolt, furthest from the front bumper, caused no problems. The front bolt, closest to the front bumper, was also easy to remove, but the sensor itself was stuck to the engine block. I tried to carefully pry the sensor loose but the front portion snapped off, leaving behind park of the plastic housing and metal insert that's part of the sensor piece. I haven't actually taken that part off the van yet since I'm still working on it. I'm waiting to see the new part before I go prying more stuff off. I think it was just stuck because it's been on there for so long. If your not sure what part to look for, Google search the part first in order to get a picture of one. Then it's easy to find based on what info I have provided. Good luck. P.S., if your water pump goes out your going to be in for a thrill. You should practice all of your 4 letter words before starting the project, you'll need them...

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2009-01-12 04:42:43
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Q: Where is crankshaft positioner sensor on a 1996 ford windstar?
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