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Where is diglets cave in Pokemon sapphire?

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there is none. fire red and leaf green has one.

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Where is Snorlax located at in Pokemon soul silver version?

Outside of diglets cave

Where is Snorlax in Pokemon Silver?

in frunt of diglets cave use the poke flute (it is on your radio)

How do you get through the cave in Pokemon Sapphire?

What cave?

Where is diglets cave in platinum?

there is no diglet cave.

Does other Pokemon know's dig with out a TM in Pokemon ruby?

Other Pokemon do know dig without the TM dig. Most DIGlets know dig. Find diglets in Diglet cave. Hope this helps!

Is the secret cave diglets cave where you get torchic?

Ummm..... Diglett`s cave is not a secret, anyone who actually has played pokemon would know that...... And no you do not get torchic there.

How do you get to diglets cave?

you get there by capturing snorlax

Where is diglet?

diglet is in diglets cave

What do you do after you go threw diglets cave in Pokemon heartgold?

you will go to route 2 peter city side

How do you get to the western cities of Kanto on Pokemon soulsilver?

You have to go to diglets cave and get to the end. Make sure one of your Pokemon knows cut.

How can you get in the cave of origin in Pokemon sapphire version?

use their Pokemon

Where is the cave of oigen in Pokemon sapphire version?

The Cave of Origin is in Sootopolis

Where is mt moon in Pokemon Silver?

It's in between pewter and cerulean city(must get through diglets cave to get there)

Where is diglets cave in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon Silver, Diglett's Cave is east of Vermillion City. It can also be found north of the exit of Viridian Forest, but only if you have HM 01, Cut.

Where do you get Kyogre and Groudon in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can only get kyogre in sapphire you get it at the cave of origin.

What can you use dig on in Pokemon sapphire version?

you can use it in any cave to get out of the cave

In Pokemon sapphire where does the guy go after you try to give him the blackglasses?

By a cave By a cave

How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you go through diglets cave by wakeing snorelax with a lullaby with your poke gear

How do you get HM7 in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can find it in the Cave of Origin.

Where do you catch kyoger in Pokemon Sapphire?

Cave of Origin.

Where do you catch a snorunt in Pokemon sapphire?

In Shoal Cave

Were to get earthquake in Pokemon sapphire?

turn back cave

Where is the cave of origins in Pokemon sapphire?

it is in sodopolis city

Where do you find the cave of origen on Pokemon Sapphire?

In sootopolis.

In Pokemon sapphire is the cave near lilycove underwater?