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under the center console

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Q: Where is ecu located on a 1991 eagle talon?
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Where is the eagle talon transmission module located?

If its an automatic tranny then its in the same area as the ECU behind the stereo

Where is ecu located on 97 eagle talon?

behind the radio, remove the plastic cover on the left of the center section to access it

Can you put a 1993 Eagle Talon TSI turbo in a 1993 Eagle Talon ES?

yes you can, its super easy, make sure you get the ecu though and injectors, new exhaust, etc etc.

Where is the ecu located on a 92 talon tsi awd?

behind the radio

Where is the ecu located on 95 eagle talon tsi?

The ecu and also pcm are both located by the driver side feet panel. The middle console behind the CD player and gear shifter. Go to the gas pedel. Look over to the right you will see a panel blocking the middle console. Un screw and unclip it then you will expose the electric wiring harness. ecu will be the bigger silver box. next to the box (pcm) Should be 4 plugs on ecu and 3 on pcm

Where is ecu on Honda crx?

The ECU on 1988-1991 Honda CRX cars is located under the carpet at the passenger's feet. Four bolts hold a metal panel covering the ECU.

Where is the ECU and how access on 1993 3000GT?

I Have a 1991 3000gt Sl and the ECU Is located Behind the radio and can accessed by removing the side carpet panals for your gear shifter.

What would you have to do to make a non turbo 1992 eagle talon into a turbo?

just get a 6bolt 4g63t have to get the wiring harness transmission ecu it's just best to buy a tsi/gsx/gst you'll spend to much money on it

What would not give spark on a 1995 eagle talon esi?

check ur spark plugs, then check ur spark plug wires. then check ur coil pack, then check ur power transistor if no luck its ur ecu

How many RPMs is stock for a 92 eagle talon tsi?

A stock Tsi without any mods even without computer mods will only goto around 7000 rpm to 7500 rpm. it is regulated by the ecu and has a mild rev limiter.

What causes an eagle talon tsi to stall and not start after is runs and warms up and start again after it cools?

The Oxygen sensor, or the IAT Sensor is telling you Ecu to shut down the car. Its running to hot. Or you have a pressure hose that has a leak or has come off.

Is there another ecm that will fit a 1990 Plymouth laser rs NT?

if your talkin about the ecu(engine control unit) any 1990 dsm (talon, eclipse or laser) non turbo ecu will fit the 1991-94will fit after mods to the 6 pin an 14 pin an coil pack wire switched