Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

Where is farway island in emerald?


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If you want to go to farway island in emerald you must have a nintedo event!!!!!!!!


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go to farway island and surf around and you will find a mew level 100 as well as a kyorge @ level 100

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there is no bellington island in Pokemon emerald

the Emerald Isle is a nickname for the island of Ireland

the first island in emerald is battle frontier

You can not show off very well on Emerald Island

There isn't a third island in Pokemon emerald.

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You must obtain Deoxys from Birth Island in Emerald.

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Faraway island, Birth island and Southern island.

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You can only find Wynaut on Mirage Island in Pokémon Emerald.

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It is in a island called festival island

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Yes. The master emerald keeps the Island in the sky(known as Angle island, where knuckles live) afloat.

The souther island in emerald is in the southern part of the islands above it.

You can't there is no such thing

You get secret island tickets in Emerald by going to special events held in real life by Nintendo.

ok hi to get southern island you have to mix records with Pokemon ruby with eon ticket and then to emerald or a special gba event

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