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Where is fission used?


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Fission is used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

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The most commonly used isotope in fission reactions is 92U235.

The element first used for fission in an atomic bomb is uranium.

You don't use fission to do the actual calculation. Fission can RESULT in energy being released, though.

Most fission reactions we use rely on isotopes of uranium and plutonium.

Nuclear fission has been used in nuclear bombs and is currently being used in every nuclear power plant on the earth.

No, we wouldn't say uranium-235 is a product of nuclear fission. It is used a fuel in nuclear fission, and the products of a fission reaction come from that uranium.

Nuclear fission is used to power ships. During nuclear fission pressurized water reacts with energy during a turbine cycle! Nuclear plants also use this!

Yes. Later, the Hydrogen Bomb used fission/fusion.

How to store the fission products contained in the used fuel.

Absolutely. All commercial and military nuclear reactors, which are used to generate electricity, use fission.

Nuclear fission produces heat, which is used to heat water and make steam. This steam is then used in steam turbines to create electricity.

Uranium is used to make energy by fission

Tritium is used to increase the efficiency of fission bombs and the fission stages of hydrogen bombs. It is also used in controlled nuclear fusion.

There are different elements for different types of nuclear bombs, but for nuclear fission, the most commonly used are: Uranium and Plutonium.

It is a combination of fission and fusion. A fission explosion is used to create the immense pressures required to cause fusion of hydrogen nuclei.

During nuclear fission the atomic nucleus is splitted.

The most common type of fuel that is used in fission reactors is U-235.

The heat energy resulting from nuclear fission is used to produce steam that spins the turbine.

Fission of uranium and plutonium is mainly used to produce electricity, but also smaller reactors are used to produce radioisotopes for medical and industrial use

Fission. Fusion has never been used on Earth, except for nuclear weapon tests.

No - though it's released as a by-product of nuclear fission (bomb explosions or reactors), it's not used as a primary component in either prior to fission.

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