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Fission is used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

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Q: Where is fission used?
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Was the atomic bomb used in world war 2 a fission or a fusion bomb?


What is the element first used for fission in the atomic bomb production?

The element first used for fission in an atomic bomb is uranium.

Which isotope of which elementis used most commonly in fission reactions?

The most commonly used isotope in fission reactions is 92U235.

How is fission used to calculate the energy required?

You don't use fission to do the actual calculation. Fission can RESULT in energy being released, though.

Element used in fission?

Most fission reactions we use rely on isotopes of uranium and plutonium.

What element is used in nuclear fission and is radioactive but is not uranium?

We can use plutonium in nuclear fission devices.

Is fusion or fission used in nuclear weapons?

Both are used.

When fission is not controlled how is it used?

In nuclear weapons

What can nuclear fission be used for?

Producing electricity

What is Fission used in the production of .?

nuclear energy

Fission is used in the production of?

nuclear energy

Fission is used in the production of .?

nuclear energy

what- Fission is used in the production of _____.?

nuclear energy

Where has nuclear fission been used?

Nuclear fission has been used in nuclear bombs and is currently being used in every nuclear power plant on the earth.

Is uranium 235 a product of a nuclear fission reaction?

No, we wouldn't say uranium-235 is a product of nuclear fission. It is used a fuel in nuclear fission, and the products of a fission reaction come from that uranium.

Why is nuclear fission used by humans?

Nuclear fission is used to power ships. During nuclear fission pressurized water reacts with energy during a turbine cycle! Nuclear plants also use this!

What kind of cell division is used for asexual reproduction by unicellular organisms?

Binary Fission Binary Fission

Can Atom bomb worked by atomic fission?

Yes. Later, the Hydrogen Bomb used fission/fusion.

What is the major unsolved problem in using nuclear fission?

How to store the fission products contained in the used fuel.

What element used in fission?

The isotopes 233U, 235U, 239Pu, 241Pu for a fission with low energy neutrons.

How are nuclear fission and fusion used today?

used to make power

What can be used by nuclear energy?

Uranium is used to make energy by fission

Has fission ever been used to generate electricity?

Absolutely. All commercial and military nuclear reactors, which are used to generate electricity, use fission.

How nuclear fission is used to produce electricity?

Nuclear fission produces heat, which is used to heat water and make steam. This steam is then used in steam turbines to create electricity.

How is the nuclear fission used today?

Reactors & bombs.