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Go to Route 214 and go in the ruin maniac cave.

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Q: Where is hippowdon on Pokemon platinum?
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Where is hippowdon in Pokemon platinum?

Route 228

Where can you find a hippowdon on Pokemon Platinum?

Route 228

Where to find a hippowdon in Pokemon platinum?

you can find both female and male forms of hippowdon in route 228!!

Where do you catch hippowdon in Pokemon platinum?

You catch Hippowdon at Route 228 where the sand is and you catch hipportas at route 224 in the ruin maniac cave which evolves to Hippowdon at lv34

In Pokemon platinum does Hippowdon evolve?

Sorry, but Hippowdon is the same in all the games. To evolve Hippopotas, level it to Lvl. 34.

Where do you find hippowdon in platinum?

you can find hippowdon on route 228

What type of Pokemon is Hippowdon?

Hippowdon is a Ground type pokemon.

When does Hippopotas evolve?

It evolves into Hippowdon, a strong Pokemon at Level 34.It evolves into Hippowdon, a strong Pokemon at Level 34.

What Pokemon is in Hippowdon Temple guarding the Yellow Gem?

the gaurdian of the hippowdon temple is cresselia.

Is hippowdon a rare Pokemon?


What is the national pokedex number for Hippowdon?

Hippowdon is #450 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ground type Pokemon.

Where is hippopotas Pokemon platinum?

You can 1.Breed an Hippowdon for an egg or 2. Catch the 26 unowns and go in the cave on route 214 and you should be able to find an hippopotas.

Where is hipopatas on Pokemon platinum?

You can 1.Breed an Hippowdon to have an egg or 2.Catch all the 26 unowns and go in the cave on route 214 and you should find an Hippopotas.

Here is the hippowdon temple in Pokemon shadows of almia?

The Hippowdon temple is located just north of Haruba Village.

How do you get Espeon on Pokemon Ranger?

in Pokemon ranger 2, she is in hippowdon temple

Can you battle someone with hippopotas on Pokemon platinum?

Yes you can. Just catch Hippowdon and breed it.They are in the sandstorm area. If you don't have a ditto to breed, catch it in Mr. black lots garden or migrate

Where to fine Pokemon 122 in platinum?

1 way to get hippopotas in platinum is to catch every single unown ( abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?! ) then go to the ruin maniac's cave and you will see one and be able to catch it. Another way is to catch a hippowdon and breed it with a ditto or another gender hippowdon. get the egg and hatch, you have a lv. 1 hippopotas. The last way would be to find a trainer that has one. If you use Action Replay DS and if you have the cheat, catch trainer's pokemon, you can find that trainer and steal his hippopotas.

What Pokemon does bertha have?

D/P Quagsire Hippowdon Sudowoodo Whiscash Golem Platinum Gliscor Hippowdon Rhyperior Whiscash Golem

How do you get a Hippowdon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must evolve a Hippopotas.

What is super effective against hippowdon?

Only water, grass, and ice. (Hippowdon is one of the few Pokemon I can think of that are only Ground types.)

Where to get the red shard in Pokemon sky-flora?

in the hippowdon temple

Where is Regigigas in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

In the Hippowdon Temple.

Where do you catch a Espeon on Pokemon shadows of almia?

Hippowdon temple.

How do you get KYORGE in Pokemon Ranger?

in the hippowdon temple

Where is Espeon in Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia?

In the Hippowdon Temple