Where is hotchkiss Colorado?

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2011-09-15 12:13:48

Coming from Grand Junction, CO--

Head south on US highway 50 until you reach the city of Delta.

Keep driving south until you reach Highway 92. Turn left at the

light and continue on Highway 92 for 20 miles.

Coming from Carbondale CO--

Head south on Highway 133, over McClure pass. Keep going until

you reach Hotchkiss

Coming from Pueblo CO--

Head West on Highway 50, over monarch Pass. Once you pass blue

mesa resivoir, turn north on Highway 92. Go over black mesa, and

through the town of Crawford (don't blink, you might miss the whole

town) From there, just continue until you reach town

Good luck, there isn't much to the town, 3 streets, a post

office and a lot of cows and sheep

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