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Some private small stores do sell computers with Linux installed. Linux is in its original idea free for all and easy to download from official pages. An easy to use Linux version that is user friendly, to new users, is Ubuntu

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Q: Where is it possible to buy a computer with Linux ready installed?
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Is there a way to build a Windows 7 ready computer that would be cheaper than a Linux ready machine?

No. Any machine that is capable of running Windows 7 is equally capable of running Linux; thus virtually every computer is "Linux ready." Depending on your specific needs, Linux can be run on far less powerful and cheaper hardware than Windows 7 can.

Do you have to compile Linux software before using it?

You can if you really want to! But, most Linux software is already compiled and ready to be downloaded and installed. Note that Linux is the kernel from which many distributions (distos) branch out - Ubuntu, Linux Mint are but two examples.

Can you make your own Mac server?

The Mac OS X Server software (See links below) can be installed on any modern Apple Mac computer or can be purchased ready installed on a Mac Mini ready to go.

When you start your computer the action that the computer perform is?

... it starts up. Well, to get a little technical about it, the BIOS of the computer checks all the hardware (mounting and error checking) and gets everything ready, then boots the operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac).

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A graphics card plugs into your computer, integrated means the graphics chip is ready installed on the motherboard.

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Games are available as Windows Features and are already installed and ready to play when you set your new pc up.

What operating system comes with Internet Explorer installed on it?

Internet Explorer is the default browser for all Windows operating systems. So, Windows operating systems come with Internet Explorer ready installed on the computer.

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Yes. You can find a virus and put it in quarrantine. Some ready-installed programs are not very good.

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No, you need to connect it to a computer that has iTunes installed on it so it can be registered first and any updates applied. When you turn the phone on for the first time, you will be prompted to connect it to iTunes via your computer.

Is Arch Linux ready for server use?

There is nothing that stops one from configuring Arch Linux to function as a server. It is not equipped to function as one in a default installation

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