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That point is in a cultivated field in southeastern Ireland, about 1.4 miles

southeast of Ballindaggan, 2.37 miles west-northwest of Marshalstown,

and 5.3 miles northwest of the center of Enniscorthy.

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What is the latitude and longitude for Amarillo?

Amarillo is a big place, and the question doesn't specify where in Amarillo,so we get to select our own spot.The middle of the intersection of E St. Francis Ave (Loop 335) and River Rd,on the far north side of town, is located at35.2656° north latitude101.8312° west longitude.Anywhere else in town, those numbers will be somewhat different.

Where does 335 degrees south and 140 degrees east intersect on a map?

"335 degrees south" is a meaningless latitude. Latitudes range from zero to 90 degrees, both north and south. The greatest possible latitude is 90 degrees ... at the north and south poles.

How long is Arizona from east to west?

About 335 miles and about 390 miles north to south.

What is the distance from Lubbock to Colorado Springs?

605 miles taking this route:Take I-27 NORTH to LOOP 335 (Hollywood Rd) at EXIT 116.Turn left onto LOOP 335. Take LOOP 335 around Amarillo to I-40 WEST.Take I-40 WEST to U.S. 84 NORTH to LAS VEGAS at EXIT 256 in NEW MEXICO.Take U.S. 84 NORTH to I-25 NORTH.Take I-25 NORTH to Colorado Springs.

Where is 60n latitude 85w longitude?

That point appears to be about as close as you can get to the dead centerin the big icy middle of Hudson's Bay in Canada.Referring to towns on the shore, it's about . . .-- 295 miles southeast of Chesterfield Inlet and 335 miles east-northeast ofChurchill, both in Manitoba-- 295 miles north-northeast of Fort Severn, Ontario-- 480 miles north-northwest of Fort George and 270 miles due west ofPovungnituk, both in Quebec.

How many miles from Lubbock to Aspen co?

755 miles taking this route:Take I-27 NORTH from Lubbock to LOOP 335 (HOLLYWOOD RD) off EXIT 116; turn left off the exit ramp onto LOOP 335.Take LOOP 335 around Amarillo to U.S. 87 NORTH. Turn left onto U.S. 87 NORTH to DUMAS.Take U.S. 87 NORTH to I-25 NORTH in Raton, NEW MEXICO. Turn right onto I-25 NORTH.Take I-25 NORTH to I-70 WEST to GRAND JUNCTION via SH-470 WEST (EXIT 194 in COLORADO).Take I-70 WEST to SH-82 to ASPEN at EXIT 116.Follow SH-82 SOUTH to Aspen.

How many miles from Garden City Kansas to Denver?

About 335 miles by the fastest route if you are driving. Just head north to Oakley and catch I-70 west.

How many miles to Angel Fire New Mexico from Lubbock?

415 miles taking this route:Take I-27 NORTH from Lubbock to LOOP 335 (Hollywood Dr) at EXIT 116 outside of Amarillo; turn left off the exit ramp onto LOOP 335 WEST.Bypass AMARILLO via LOOP 335; take LOOP 335 WEST & NORTH to I-40; turn left onto I-40 WEST.Take I-40 WEST to U.S. 84 NORTH to LAS VEGAS (New Mexico, not Nevada) at EXIT 256 in NEW MEXICO.Follow U.S. 84 NORTH to I-25. At JCT I-25, follow signs to I-25 NORTH to LAS VEGAS.Take I-25 NORTH to the FIRST EXIT (EXIT 343), which is I-25 BUSINESS to LAS VEGAS; turn left off the exit ramp, then follow signs to NM-518. Once you are at NM-518, you will be turning right onto NM-518 NORTH.Take NM-518 NORTH to NM-434; turn right onto NM-434 NORTH.Take NM-434 NORTH to Angel Fire.

What is the phone number of the West Bend Community Memorial Library in West Bend?

The phone number of the West Bend Community Memorial Library is: 262-335-5151.

What is the fraction of 335?

335 is an integer but it can be expressed as 335/1.

How many miles between Topeka KS and Hartford KS?

78 miles. This is probably the best route:Take KS-130 NORTH to I-35 SOUTH.Take I-35 SOUTH to I-335 Kansas Turnpike (toll) NORTH to Topeka.Take I-335 NORTH on the Kansas Turnpike (toll) to Topeka.

What are the factors of 335?

The factors of 335 are: 1 5 67 335

What is 20 percent of 335?

20% of 335 = 20*335/100 = 67

How do you get from Wichita KS to Kansas City mo?

You can either take the full extent of the KANSAS TURNPIKE (toll road), which is I-35 NORTH to I-335 NORTH to TOPEKA, and then I-335 NORTH to I-470 EAST (around Topeka) to I-70 EAST, and then I-70 EAST to KANSAS CITY. Or you could take EXIT 127 off of the KANSAS TURNPIKE to continue on I-35 NORTH to Kansas City.

Where is the house Washington roebling built in Trenton NJ?

335 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey

What is 35 percent of 335?

.35 x 335 = 117.25. Therefore, 35% of 335 is 117.25.

What is the weight of a Gibson ES-335?

My 1964 335 is 7lb 13oz - just checked it

What is 40 percent off 335 dollars?

335-(40÷100×335)=$201 The equation inside the brackets is done first, giving 40% of 335. Then the result is subtracted from 335, giving the answer $201.

How do you write 335 two ways?

Three hundred thirty five, 335/1, or just 335.

What is the driving distance between Austin TX and Ft Stockton TX?

335 miles taking this route:Take U.S. 290 WEST from Austin to I-10 WEST.Take I-10 WEST to Ft. Stockton.

What is 50 percent more than 335?

Find 50% of 335, then add to 335 for the answer: so 50% is 50/100 = 1/2. Multiply 1/2 times 335 = 167.5, then add to 335 = 502.5

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