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in the saloon by the door sleeping.

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You put your marshal badge on and go to the picture dude. :)

you have to talk to the marshal in the saloon and get the badge and then go talk to the picture dude

you go to da marshal place in Diamond mines :3

You have to go to your bag, and click Equip on your potato gun, or Pea shooter, which you get from the Marshal.

how can you find gold in wild-west island on poptropica.

the tulip is for that fat head boy in dos cactos in poptropica wild west

u got to go to wild west then leave town and go to the diamond plains then you should see marshal for its name

U have to find marshall Taylor and he will give u the badge and then u can take ur offcial portrait

How do you get enter the saloon on poptropica

when you find the real marshal,(play the gum game), he'll make you the new marshal and you will inherit his gun

You go in the back of the root beer place there will be two guys that are playing a game you have to take them on and win then they will tell you were he is then you can wake him up.

where is the saddle in poptropica

its already out...

you don't. you get the badge from the marshal and then go to the picture boy in the town where you got a horse.

At the photographer back in Dusty Gulch.

He leaves until you finish the island. :)

In poptropica you trade the golden nugget with the El Famoso R.J.Earl. He then gives you 5 tonics.

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