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Playing with Suede!

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Q: Where is neil codling now?
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When was Neil Codling born?

Neil Codling was born on December 5, 1973, in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, UK.

Is Neil John Codling gay?

No but his cousin (Suede drumer) is.

What is the birth name of Rebecca Codling?

Rebecca Codling's birth name is Rebecca Elizabeth Codling.

What is a young cod called?


How tall is Rebecca Codling?

Rebecca Codling is 5' 6".

When was Danny Codling born?

Danny Codling was born on 1979-07-19.

When was Alex Codling born?

Alex Codling was born on 1973-09-25.

When did Murder of Raymond Codling die?

Murder of Raymond Codling died on 1989-09-14.

When was Rebecca Codling born?

Rebecca Codling was born in 1981, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

What is a codling?

Baby codfish.

What is neil Armstrong doing right now in 2008?

What is neil armstrong doing now in 2008?

What has the author E Codling written?

E. Codling has written: 'Stepping stones to glory' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What is Neil Armstrong doing now?

Neil Armstrong died in 2012.

What has the author Anthony Spuler written?

Anthony Spuler has written: 'Spraying experiments for codling moth control' -- subject(s): Control, Codling moth

What age does a codling have to be to become a cod?


What is the name for a baby cod fish?

A codling.

Where is Neil Armstrong now?

Neil Armstrong is living in a farm in Lebanon,Ohio

What is neil Armstrong up to now?

Neil Armstrong died August 2012.

What is neil Armstrong currently doing?

Neil Armstrong is now doing farming.

What is the definition of codling?

The definition of codling is 1.any of several varieties of elongated apples,used for cooking purposes and unripe,half-grown apple.Hope this helped!Sincerely,MitruC

What has the author Pressley A Glenn written?

Pressley A. Glenn has written: 'Codling-moth investigations of the State Entomologist's Office, 1915, 1916, 1917' -- subject(s): Codling moth

Where you neil Armstrong now?

i dont no

What is neil Armstrong profession?

Neil armstrong was a navy pilot and a astronaut, he is retired ,and now is a farmer.

Who does neil Armstrong work for now?

Neil Armstrong died August 2012.

What has the author Douglas Grayson Gillespie written?

Douglas Grayson Gillespie has written: 'The commercial propogation and biological studies of two parasites of the codling moth' -- subject(s): Codling moth, Parasites