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Where is oat grown?

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Oats are grown in the Midwest at Big Springs, Nebraska.They grow there because they have lots of sunlight there.Which is good for them.

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What is wild oat?

Wild oat (Avena sativa ) is a member of the grass family native to Scotland. There are approximately 25 varieties of the oat plants, and oat is now grown throughout the world.

Are oats grown from wheat?

Oats are a cereal crop like wheat, but a different species.

What are the main crops grown in Britain?

The main crops grown in the UK are. 1. Potatoes 2. Corn on the cob 3. Wheat 4. Oat 5. Sugar beat

Where are most oats grown in the U.S.?

Leading states in oat production include Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

What crops did New York grow in the 1700s?

Crops grown in New York in the 1700s were corn, oat, wheat, carrots, and beans. Other foods grown were barley, pumpkin, and hops.

Is oat and wheat the same as oat on Howrse?

No, there are Oat seeds to plant in Spring, and Wheat seeds to plant in Summer. However, the wheat seeds produce wheat oat, but it's not the same as the oat from oat seeds.

What do finnish people grow for crops?

We grow mainly wheat, barley, oat and rye. Wheat and oat are not that widespead, they're only grown in the south, because they don't survive the conditions up north. Barley and rye are more tenacious.

Will oat groats germinate?

oat groats will not germinate. only un-hulled oat germinate.

What species of plant is an oat?

The genus and species name of the oat is Avena sativa. The oat is a member of the grass family. The part of the oat that is eaten by humans is the seed of the plant.

Can you use oat bran cereal instead of oat bran flour to bake muffins?

I don't think I would use oat bran cereal in place of oat bran flour. While oat bran cereal will have a high content of oat bran or even oat bran flour, the two are not interchangeable and won't give you the same results.

Lists of words that have oat in them?

Words that have oat in them are boat, gloat, bloat, throat, coat, goat, float and of course, oat. ferryboat, oatmeal, and etc. are more words with oat. Go to English for to find the common words for oat.

Is oat fiber organic or inorganic?

oat fiber is organic

What Oat means in Hindi?

Oat is called 'Jaee' in Hindi.

What are the main crops grown in Romania?

Wheat, maize, oat, barley, potatoes, sugar beet, sunflower, apples, pears, plums and many other fruits and vegetables.

Does Miller Lite beer contain oat or oat products?

no not at all

What is jockey oat?

It looks like Oat Groats but a little bigger

What is the duration of Her Wild Oat?

The duration of Her Wild Oat is 1.17 hours.

What crops do French people grow?

Various plants such as cereals, wheat, barely, oat, corn are grown in France. Crops such as grapes, corn, barely rapeseed are also cultivated.

What is the meaning of Oat or oatmeal Marathi?

"Jawa" means oat or oatmeal in Marathi.

What are some words ending with the letters oat?

oat, float, moat, coat

When was Cracklin' Oat Bran created?

Cracklin' Oat Bran was created in 1977.

Is quaker oat high in uric acid?

Quaker oat has no relation to Uric acid

Was Cracklin' Oat Bran ever called Cracklin' Oat Bake?

I believe it was called "Oat Bake" in 1989 through the very early 90s.

Is oat a gymnosperm?


How many calories in 2 tablespoons of oat bran?

2tbsp (raw oat bran) = 28calories

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