Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where is old cheateu Pokemon diamond?

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in eterna forest you need to get cut you can also find rotom at 12am if you go to the door upstairs first door two the left

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Old Cheateu in Pokemon Diamond?

It's in the Eterna forest and you can catch Rotom there.

Where do you find a Rotom on Pokemon Pearl?

go to old cheateu find a room w/ a tv press a

Where can you find old amber in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, old amber can be used to produce a rare Pokemon. You can find it in the underground by mining.

What kind of Pokemon are in Pokemon Diamond?

New and old.

Where to get amber in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to get the Old Amber in Pokemon Diamond is to find it in the underground.

Is there a girl that kills your Pokemon in the old chateau in Pokemon Diamond?


What Pokemon can be caught with the old rod in Pokemon diamond?


How To Get Mew In Diamond?

in the old games of pokemon

Who do you get the old charm from in Pokemon diamond?


What Pokemon can you catch with the old rod in Pokemon diamond?

only magicarp

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which trainer has a Leafeon?

In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, you find a old man at route 212 with a Leafeon.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how old is dawn?

10 years old

Where is the old chateau in Pokemon firered?

The old chateau is in diamond and pearl

What is in the old chateau in Pokemon diamond version?

ROTOM! you can find the plasma Pokemon in the tv of the old chateau!!!

Where is the old chateau in Pokemon emerald?

the old chateu is only in Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum versions

Can you catch old legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Yes quite a lot of them

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 139?

i expect it is a fosiliesed old Pokemon called omaster

In Pokemon diamond where can you get an old amber?

underground, they are rare.

Where is the ghost house in Pokemon diamond?

the old chatau

Who is Pokemon 150 in Pokemon diamond?

Palkia but sadly you cant get palkia in diamond but there is an old lady in a town to the north that will show you it and it will be complete.

Should I buy Pokemon Diamond or the sims 2 pets?

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

Is there a way to get Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger onto platinum?

no its only the old Pokemon ranger and diamond and pearl

In pokemon platnuim were is Rotom?

the old chateau same place in Pokemon diamond and pearl

How do you get wash Rotom on Pokemon Diamond?

Sorry, changing rotom is only in allowed in Pokemon Platinum. In diamond he has to stay boring old rotom.

How do you get the old amberin Pokemon diamond version?

By digging underground

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