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Q: Where is package sent from shelt ct sent to provo ut sent 9 dasys ago?
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Sent in a sentence?

I have sent a package to my uncle who lives in New York.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

it depends on where you live and where that package was sent from idiot

How do I track a package?

You can track a package you have sent or are expecting by going to the UPS or FedEx website. They will have a link called "track a package."

What is return address?

It is the sender of a letter or package's address. It is used just in case the letter or package that is sent does not reach it's destination it can be sent back to the sender.

How long do it take a package to reach atlanta from Korea if its sent prioirity mail?

how long will it take a package to arrive in atlanta if sent from korea priority mail

Perfect tense of send?

The perfect tense of "send" is "have sent" or "has sent," depending on the subject of the sentence. For example, "I have sent the email" or "She has sent the package."

Is it can be sent or can be send?

The correct phrase is "can be sent." The verb "send" changes to "sent" when used in the passive voice. For example, "The package can be sent tomorrow."

What is correct has been send or 'has send?

Neither is correct. If you're going to use "have" you're making it past tense and the past tense of send is SENT. It would be "has been sent" or "has sent" depending on what you're trying to say.For example, "The package has been sent" or "He has sent the package."

Where does USPS mail arrive in the Dominican Republic?

Sent a USPS package CW186232608US to a business in the Domincan Republic. They report not receiving it. Package sent April 28 2012 it is now May 24. Who do I contact to track the package?

What is 'fragments of memory' all about?

sent the package to her yeasterday.

Can a package be sent from Great Britain to America?


How do you find a tracking number for a package that was mailed from China to the US using EMS?

Ask the one who sent the package